10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

Here's some of Beyonce's best looks from her tour, On The Run two. Beyonce's style's ranged from Versace, to Balmain and more!

Beyonce and Jay Z’s  On the Run II tour was an incredible display of the couple’s most intimate moments including video footage of their vow renewal and their three kids. With colorful montages and incredible dance routines, it was easily the best tour of the summer. But the best part was, of course, the versatility of Beyonce’s wardrobe. With each tour stop, we were treated to look after look from Queen Bey. From head-to-toe Gucci to crystal-encrusted bodysuits, Beyonce never let us down. Here is a curated list of Beyonce’s best looks from OTR II.

1. Orange Fringe Queen

This fringe number with matching boots made for quite a show as the sparkles on the suit reflected from the lights on the stage, making Beyonce look like she was a hologram on stage. With stage lights and effects, this outfit took center stage.

2. Gucci Gang Gangster

Taking the modern Bonnie and Clyde theme to a whole new level, Beyonce donned a head-to-toe Gucci outfit complete with a net mask. The outfit might sound a little crazy, but if there is anyone who could pull it off, it’s Beyonce…and maybe Rihanna. But that is a debate for another day.10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

3. Seeing Spots

In a tight leather bodysuit and matching garters, thigh high boots, and a bomber jacket, Queen Bey strutted across the stage and even had JAY Z in a daze as she danced to his hit, “Bam”. This outfit was definitely a hit with everyone.

10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

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4. Sexy Thug

This look was one the fans hoped she would don again and again. A latex bodysuit layered over a latex bra with matching thigh high boots and a bandanna made Bey look like the cutest thug that ever existed. It is no wonder she chose this powerful yet sexy look to perform her hits “Flawless” and “Naughty Girl”.

10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

5. Disco Goddess

Debuting this look on the last few shows of the tour saddened many fans who were not able to experience this look in person. This mirrored bodysuit came complete with a long train that flowed behind Beyonce as she strutted across the stage, even enveloping her husband at one point. As many of Beyonce’s looks, some garments and hairdos seem to take on a life of their own. Does anyone remember that braid?

10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

6. Metal Rocker

Beyonce donned a metallic jacket, bodysuit, and matching boots to perform her rock-inspired hit, “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” She rocked the jacket off the shoulder and fiercely dominated the stage as she stared down the camera. It is obvious this outfit made her feel powerful.10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

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7. Classy Queen

Beyonce was the epitome of class in this black sequinned gown. The skirt fell away to a sequined bodysuit, but the dress was perfect for the ballads and duets the couple sang together. This was a look to remember.10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

8. Versace! Versace! Versace!

If there was an outfit that queens should wear to the revolution, this is it! Beyonce and JAY Z debuted their first live performance of their new single, “Apeshit”, with Beyonce sporting a black and yellow Versace masterpiece. Beyonce wore a printed bodysuit and matching boots, but what really made this outfit was the boxer-inspired cloak that covered the outfit. She championed this look! Pun intended.

10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

9. Haya Queen

Beyonce informs her audience during the couples performance of “Family Feud” that “haya” means eternal life. That is exactly what we are getting from this outfit. This is one of Beyonce’s best looks, since she looks like a total Queen. Take us to church! Preach!10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

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10. Off-White Lady

In their last show in Seattle. Beyonce went for a more casual gown for the heart-wrenching ballad “Resentment.” Queen Bey wore a crisp white t-shirt with a frilly white skirt whose train seemed to be dipped in a neon yellow paint. This outfit was made more casual by the white t-shirt, but it was kept glamorous by the long skirt in true Beyonce fashion. It was one of Beyonce’s best looks for the last show of the tour.

10 Of Beyonce’s Best Looks From The OTR II Tour

Do you agree that these are some of Beyonce’s best looks from On The Run II? Let us know in the comment section below!
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