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10 Beyonce Songs That Should Be In Your Playlist

10 Beyonce Songs That Should Be In Your Playlist

10 Beyonce Songs That Should Be In Your Playlist

Beyonce is an incredible performer and entertainer, who has inspired many people to become better and work harder in their craft. There are many Beyonce songs that should be in everyone’s playlist and here they are:

1. Crazy In Love feat. Jay Z

This song was the ultimate song that in one of many anthems that Beyonce has made throughout her career that showed the undeniable love that was implemented to her significant other. Crazy In Love, was not just a song about love, but it was a statement that showed love even when stuff got hard in the relationship.

2. Drunk In Love Feat. Jay Z

Being drunk in love is a Beyonce song that she created to speak on the relationship and the bond that she and Jay-Z have. The song is very catchy and gets people to sing along, dance and make videos lip singing to.


3. Formation

Formation song was one for the team. Many fans of Beyonce, was really feeling this song. They related to the song because it touched on the political and also personal issues that have came up regarding her life and the community that she is apart of.

Formation is a Beyonce song that changed the direction in the way that artists address the social and political problems that are affecting people on a daily basis.


4. Countdown

The countdown begins with all the Beyonce songs that has been created for her fans nonstop. She has a pleather of songs that would touch the hearts of many, and her fans has no problem with many it known.

Countdown speaks on the love and the love that can’t be found in someone else, the same love that you require is one that you get from her and she can’t be duplicated.

5. Irreplaceable

You ever dated or been with a man or even a woman or a relationship in general where the person you were dating had this thought process that they were not irreplaceable. Especially when the reason they became irreplaceable is because they were not treating or doing sneaky, shady stuff.


The nerve that some people have is crazy.

6. Halo

The first time I heard this song, I remember I was in middle school, and I didn’t know what the song was about. I had heard it a couple of times and saw videos of her singing aloud and thought wow, this song is sad but definitely gets you in your feelings.


So if you are the type that likes listening to in your feelings music, then add this to you Beyonce songs.

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7. Single Ladies

All the woman who want a man, but don’t want to be in a long ass relationship giving wife benefits to a man that doens’t want to committ, this song was created in dedication to you. Beyonce knew what she was doing when she made this song.


This Beyonce song, is now a anthem to single ladies and ladies who are in a relationship to let their man know what type they are on.

8. Ring The Alarm

This song is perfect is you are trying to drive a point across to their signficant other if they are cheating on you, or just got you up types of messed up. The video to this song just helps the mood of the song and the vibe that comes from the lyrics.

9. 1+1

This a song  that you would definetely play during your wedding or just sing to your love one, because it does it’s job and gets you in your feelings, from happiness, sadness and thankfulness.


10. Flawless

You want to feel like a bad ass chick or that dude, you put this song on everytime you wake up in the morning before you start your day. If you need a confidence booster, put this song on and look at yourself in the mirror and sing this song.

Beyonce songs are captivating, it gets you going to one mood to the next and she make songs that anyone can relate to. Comment down below, what song is your favorite and you have on your playlist.

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