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Top 5 Beverages To Drink In The Fall

Top 5 Beverages To Drink In The Fall

When the fall season comes around, people will surely head into their local coffee and tea shops for a warm beverage of some sort. To combat the cold weather and possible illnesses lingering, certain teas have benefits to boost immunity and overall energy. Coffee is great for any occasion but will definitely be dehydrating. There are numerous beverages to try that will bring you the best flavors and quench thirst. Whether you walk into a coffee shop or decide to make homemade recipes, these drinks will make your fall season as soothing as possible. For hot drinks specifically, here are Top 5 Beverages To Drink In The Fall.

1. Hot Cider Nog

Hot Cider Nog sounds just like it is. This would be a rather optional alcoholic drink which contains ingredients for eggnog and apple cider. Whisking the eight ingredients required for the beverage, use medium-low heat for fifteen minutes. Optionally add half a cup of bourbon for taste. Fans of both separate drinks may enjoy Hot Cider Nog during those cold night walks in the month of October. Strictly homemade, you won’t find this recipe served anywhere else. Released in 2008, but relatively new, Hot Cider Nog has been remade to perfection over the years for many to know and love.


2. Lemon Ginger Tea

When weather temperatures drop, you can expect flu season lurking around the corner. For a nasty cold or bothersome sore throat, lemon ginger tea is best to drink this fall season. The ginger will soothe the itch you have and lemon will work its way to boost your immunity as long as you continue to drink the beverage. At times of nausea, lemon ginger tea can help with that. Ginger tea in general has properties to soothe indigestion, muscle and joint pains, and more. Observation is required for accurate wellness. This type of tea may not be suitable for everyone, but for those looking for natural remedies, it will be a beverage to reach for.

3. Chamomile Tea

When you drink a calming beverage such as Chamomile Tea in the fall season, you will find that a lot of unwanted symptoms in your health will improve. Just like lemon ginger tea, chamomile focuses on building immunity and maintaining the digestive system. In addition, chamomile is known to ease bad sleeping habits such as insomnia, helps control anxiety, and keeps your cardiovascular health in check. Chamomile is one of the teas that would be so relaxing, you would need a nap shortly after drinking a cup. Because of this property, chamomile should only be drunk in moderation. It is quite medicinal in a natural sense, but can still have acute side effects.


4. Honey Bee Latte

For a more enjoyable beverage, the Honey Bee Latte is as sweet as it sounds. Originally made by Emily from Five and Spice, a homemade recipe has become a fan favorite. Because honey and milk go together well, it’s no surprise that this Honey Bee Latte has been created. If you visit her blog Five and Spice, you will see that Emily has posted about recipes and interesting facts about herself. Such beverage can be made with milk, brewed coffee, cinnamon, vanilla syrup, hazelnuts, and honey. Other recipes may vary. Milk and honey in general pair together as they both serve vitamins and the appropriate amount of natural sugars for daily intake. A cup of this drink in the morning can ease digestion and serve as a relaxing delight.

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5. Tahini Hot Chocolate

If you love hot chocolate, you will like the spin on this final beverage. Molly from the website My Name Is Yeh has created her own recipe for Tahini Hot Chocolate. Normally, we are all taught to take a tablespoon of cocoa powder, add hot water or hot milk, and stir along with some sugar. This recipe shows just that with a couple more tasteful ingredients. Adding coconut milk as opposed to regular whole milk or two-percent, you should add three tablespoons of tahini. Add salt, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Whipped cream is an additional delight. Tahini and cinnamon together with hot cocoa will bring a sort of spice to the flavor. The coconut milk, whipped cream or perhaps marshmallows, will swirl in the sweetness of hot cocoa as we know it. This beverage is perfect for those days when you just want to sit and enjoy a better cup of hot chocolate.


Which beverage has interested you? Have you tried any of these before? Leave a comment below!

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