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10 Best Yoga Videos For Beginners, So You Don’t Waste Your Time Searching

Have you always wanted to get into yoga, but you don’t know where to start? Check out these ten best yoga videos for beginners so you no longer waste precious free time searching for ones that you actually like. These are some of my favorite videos and instructors that I keep coming back to time and time again. The best yoga videos for beginners are also perfect for those healing from injuries, those returning to yoga after a break, advanced yogis who need to take an easy day, and those with limited motion! 

1. Best Introduction To Yoga For Ultimate Beginners

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, Suzanne Deason

This video is the best video for beginners to start with hands down. A favorite of my whole yoga loving family, this video has been in my life for a long time and is a tried and true way for me to get back into yoga after not moving for some time, every time. Also a good introduction to yoga for those recovering from injuries and those with limited movement, this video includes a list of modifications designed to help you get the most out of your practice. 

Why I love it: this video is a gentle and yet complete yoga flow. There is a huge focus on breath and keeping yourself safe. Suzanne Deason has excellent cuing, and understanding her is easy.

2. Best Introduction To Yoga For Ultimate Beginners On YouTube

Day 1- Ease Into It- 30 Days Of Yoga, Yoga With Adriene

With over twenty-five million views, the first day of this thirty day yoga journey is a YouTube favorite and definitely one of the best yoga videos for beginners. Not only does it get you started on experiencing yoga over the course of thirty days, but it will motivate you to stay moving once you start. There are many positive comments from users who have followed the thirty day challenge, and from those who have stopped and re-started. Adriene also has a course that you can buy, and she offers a name your own price option to make the course more accessible.

Why I love it: Adriene is supportive and encouraging, and thoroughly explains what she is doing. She manages to be accessible and calming at the same time, without getting into too much of the spiritual side of yoga. Instead, she focuses on physical movement and adjustments from a mindful, yogic perspective.

3. Best Gentle Yoga Conditioning

Yoga Conditioning For Women, Suzanne Deason

Another great practice from Suzanne Deason, this video is one of the best yoga videos for beginners looking to increase their yogic flow. This video focuses on encouraging you to be powerful without “losing the softness and flexibility of the feminine.” She focuses a lot on centering in the pelvis, which is generally the center of gravity for women and those born into female bodies. 

Why I love it: This video manages to be a dynamic flow that also calms and relaxes you. There is a good amount of conditioning, but it isn’t exceptionally difficult or unattainable for beginners. Again, Suzanne Deason has excellent cuing. Her voice is soothing and supportive, and she encourages modifications. 

4. Best Wake-Up Yoga

A.M. Yoga for Your Week, Rodney Yee

I love Rodney Yee’s videos! Both Rodney Yee and Suzanne Deason have been family favorites over the course of my life, but I have a preference for Rodney Yee because I find him to be more motivating, empowering, and energizing overall. This video includes five different 20-minute yoga routines, so you can do a new one every day of the week. The short focused segments make this one of the best yoga videos for beginners because it will introduce you to a variety of yoga positions without tiring you out.

Why I love it: perfect for committing to yoga every morning because it only takes twenty minutes to get through a segment. Great variety for beginners, while still being gentle and accessible. Helps you to gain flexibility while energizing you for your day.

5. Best Wake-Up Yoga On YouTube

30 min Morning bliss Yoga with Esther Ekhart

This is one of Esther Ekhart’s most popular videos on YouTube. I’ve used her videos in the past when recovering from an injury, or anytime I’ve wanted something with a lower commitment than my DVDs. She has an accent that I find so incredibly calming (that I can’t quite place), which really adds to my enjoyment of her videos. One commenter that I think perfectly represents Esther’s style said “you’re so gentle. I’ve cried.”

Why I love it: listening to Esther speak. The gentle, compassionate nature of her videos. How much she advocates for self care. This is one fo the best yoga videos for beginners to get a taste of yoga and its benefits.

6. Best Yoga For Relaxation

Power Yoga For Flexibility, Rodney Yee

Those who are anxiety prone and high energy might enjoy this video for its balance. This is one of the best yoga videos for beginners to find strength and flexibility, and it is ultimately really relaxing. The length of this video is also ideal, and you can stream it off of Amazon if you don’t want to buy the DVD! Although, I do love owning the DVD because you only pay for it once and then you can use it an unlimited number of times.

Why I love it: Rodney Yee is an excellent teacher. This video is quick, but it still stretches and evens you out when you are feeling stiff. Good for all levels. Relaxing!

7. Best Yoga For Relaxation On YouTube

30 minute relaxing Hatha Yoga class, with Esther Ekhart

I love Esther Ekhart! She has a lot of the best yoga videos for beginners and her style is conducive to learning and enjoying the practice of yoga. This thirty minute relaxing Hatha yoga class will calm you down by releasing tension in the hips and shoulders. The amount of emotional healing you can get from Hatha yoga is also worth mentioning!

Why I love it: healing and calming. Good for releasing tension. Slows down mind and body, and can help a busy mind get to sleep.

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8. Best Yoga Flow

Energy Balance Yoga, Rodney Yee

This is my current favorite video from Rodney Yee, but it is for a more advanced beginner because it includes some more advanced balances and poses, especially half moon pose, warrior three, and upward bow. Here are some modifications going into it: for half moon stay in triangle, for warrior three try airplane or stay in warrior one, for upward bow try bridge pose. This video is great for when you feel you have a handle on the basic poses, and you’re ready to introduce some more variety into your practice.

Why I love it: it really is an energy balance yoga. There is a great balance between strengthening, stretching, and restoration. Excellent cuing, but also an excellent flow. Somewhat spiritual in nature, and includes a nice meditation at the end.

9. Best Full Length Yoga Flow On YouTube

45 minute Energising Yoga class, with Esther Ekhart

Another good option from Esther Ekhart, this video is a little longer and is focused on energizing, so there is a bit more conditioning than her other videos. She focuses on cultivating joy through strength and freedom of movement, but is gentle enough that you can easily get through the full forty-five minutes. I wouldn’t do this video if you’ve never done yoga, but after you’ve checked out the ultimate beginner videos, this will be a supportive way to increase your practice time and stamina!

Why I love it: Esther is a perfect instructor to support inner reflection while still motivating you to stay moving. She is gentle and supportive, and will help you become the yogi you want to be. I love that she did this full forty-five minute flow to include in my practice- there aren’t many of this length and quality for free on YouTube!

10. Best Yoga Full Body Workout

Power Yoga Total Body Workout, Rodney Yee

Don’t start here! There is a reason I am putting this video as number ten. 

This video is a true full body workout. You will be sore after doing this video, so make sure you’ve been moving for more than a month or two, and keep in mind the frequency that you exercise. Once your mind and body have been conditioned, this video will combine beginner and intermediate poses to take your practice to the next level. Sometimes, I still take breaks during this video in mountain pose, child’s pose, or hero’s pose, so don’t be afraid to rest whenever you feel you need to. Also, see the modifications I mention in the Energy Balance Yoga description because the same poses come up.

Why I love it: Great cuing. Rodney Yee says just the right things to help me adjust each pose. This video will tire me out most days, and helps me release stress and tension. It builds stamina, strength, and flexibility. It connects the mind, body, and breath. By the end, the meditation will feel really good.

What do you think the best yoga videos for beginners are? Do you have favorite virtual instructors? Let us know your top picks below so we can check them out, too!

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