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15 Best Yoga Poses For Long Study Sessions

15 Best Yoga Poses For Long Study Sessions

The best yoga poses for long study sessions! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, these yoga poses are great for relaxing and letting go of stress!

Classical music playing in those headphones, pack of peppermint gum and multicolored pens and highlighters on the desk, the pair of your comfiest socks on your feet, and a thermos of Starbuck’s best brew. All the signs are there. It’s study time. But first, take a lesson from this 5,000+ year old Indian tradition that teaches harmony of the body and mind. Girls, you’re probably already wearing the yoga pants, so why not practice it? Here are the 15 best yoga poses for long study sessions! Enjoy!

These yoga poses are perfect for long study sessions!

Maybe you’re the relaxed studier, who prefers tea to coffee and wears those shea-infused socks. You might want to settle into that long study session with these seven moves:


1. Child’s Pose

A.K.A. one of the simplest poses and first poses taught.

2. Corpse Pose

Open your entire body to positive energy.


3. Reclined Goddess Pose

It may be a little awkward, but it helps open up the body. I don’t recommend doing this pose in the library.


4. Standing Forward Bend.

Let it all hang loose.

5. Cobra Pose

Pretend like your head and chest are on a string being pulled up and out.


6. Downward facing Dog

Keep your heels down to stretch the legs just right.


7. Seated Twist

Prevent future back pain when poring over your notes.



Perhaps you are the studier who gets pumped up for a long session, chugs the double shot espresso and jumps into study groups, planning activities and Jeopardy-style games. Get your blood flowing with these seven poses:

1. Plank  

A basic pose that works on strength of the arms and core.


2. Lord Of The Dance Pose

Just in case you want to look like a ballerina.

3. One legged King Pigeon

If you’re a beginner, don’t expect to be exact.

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4. Upward Bow

Similar to a bridge in gymnastics.


5. Camel Pose

Push your chest to the sky and your stomach out for best stretching.


6. Triangle Pose

Remember to keep your eyes up to the sky and stay balanced.

7. Half Moon Pose

Do your best. Balance is key.



15) Pranayama

This last pose isn’t really a pose, but it is essential to the practice of yoga.
Breathing exercises, called “pranayama” for yogic breathing, is meant to clear the energy around you, enhance your energy and enthusiastic spirit, and contributes to physical, mental, and spiritual strength. There are different types of pranayama for different situations and feelings, but the basic tip is to clear your mind and breathe easy, to feel the air moving in and out of your body.

Can you think of anymore of the best yoga poses that we missed? Share in the comments below!
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