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The 10 Best Workout Leggings You Need

The 10 Best Workout Leggings You Need

Leggings are amazing for all activities: sleep, gym, work, and home-life. Today I will show you the best workout leggings that are squat-proof, good-quality, but also can be used for any other desired activity.

The 10 Best Workout Leggings You Need

1) Gymshark Seamless 

How cute are these? These leggings are black- and every girl needs some black staple leggings in their closet. They have a sheer underline under the bum to proportionate it and make it look peachier. These are also high waisted, so they can be paired with both a crop-top and a t-shirt. I would recommend cuffing up the bottoms of the leggings to make them look more casual if you’re going to the grocery store for example. These are compression leggings, so they will tighten around the thighs and make you look more muscular, whilst tightening around the muscles and getting the blood to circulate faster- perfect for working out!

2) Gymshark Adapt Leggings

These are one of my favorite Gymshark leggings because they are ombré!


Again, these are Gymshark legging, so the texture and material are quite similar to the previous ones. Though these are also black, they transform into a beautiful darkish grey color. These leggings are a staple for any closet, as these basic colors look good on anyone. I would recommend wearing these with a solid shirt—preferably oversized—so you can have that “decontracté” look. These are completely squat-proof, so if you want to wear these during your heavy leg day, then it would be a perfect fit—literally!

3) Nike Pro Leggings 

I am sure you have seen these leggings before— as 70 percent of girls wear these to school, to the gym, to the grocery store, or literally anywhere. These are some of the most comfortable leggings I own, as they are not super tight and were originally made to relax and do leisure activities. Nike has expensive leggings, but they are worth the money— the quality is amazing. If you are looking for weight-lifting leggings then these might not be the best choice, as they do appear slightly sheer when squatting.

4) Alphalete Surface Power Leggings

These are perfect for all activities, and extremely fashionable! I love the colors because they are not the basic camos you can get at any store—they are discrete yet go with everything! I love the V-cut high-waist because it makes the hips look larger, and the was it look tinier. I would recommend these for going to the gym most of all because not only are they squat-proof, but also sweat proof. A stable for your wardrobe!


5) DoYouEven Leggings

These are super original, and I am sure you will not see these anywhere else but on this site. They have similar leggings to those of Gymshark and Alphalete, but they are cheaper and have more vivid colors. I would recommend these especially for working out since they were fabricated for just that! Most of the leggings have a nice blended design of color and its lighter counterpart. Super cute and affordable and definitely a staple piece of leggings in your closet!

6) Instinct Scrunch Bum Leggings

These leggings are amazing, and one of my favorite designs! I like the different designs that this brand offers- and especially this specific legging type. They scrunch the bum so it has a Brazilian butt lift look. The pink color is light and delicate, but also flashy—hard to explain but definitely super cute! If you like designer leggings for oversized t-shirts, or mostly for running errands, these are the ones for you. If you are into yoga, these are not very see-through so your odds of flashing someone are low.

7) Adidas Tights

These leggings are made of cotton, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them for weightlifting, but they could surely be worn for running or yoga. This is a typical type of legging that Adidas fabricates, and they come in many, many colors. My favorite is the green or pink ones with the white strap that runs along the leg. Super comfortable and perfect for school, relaxing, and cleaning at home!


8) Camo Seamless Leggings

These leggings are by Women’s Best, which is a supplement and protein powder brand. They came out with leggings recently, and they have surprisingly good reviews. The leggings are said to be squat-proof, and sweat-roof, so mostly good for the gym and working out. These resemble the Gymshark Camo leggings but appear a little fainter.

I would suggest pairing these leggings with some white workout shoes, and a cute cropped jacket to complete the Gym look.

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9) Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight

I cannot explain how much I love these leggings, though I am not a fan of the price. These are super functional and perfect for long trips, traveling, or hiking! They have huge pockets, and we girls know the struggle of not having any and needing a purse everywhere we go.

I’m sure you can find cheaper leggings with similar functionality, but the quality of these is unmatched, and the colors are very original. However, if you are really tall these may run a little short, as they are made for smaller legs—be weary when you buy them!

10) ASOS 4505 Tall Legging

The color of this pair of leggings is very unique, and I love the pink-raspberry undertone. These leggings have a sheer line where the skin peaks through. It is also a functional pair of leggings because of the zip pocket in the posterior area. These are perfect for running or dancing but they may be a little sheer to lift weights and squat in. The price is quite affordable and is worth it, so if you are on a budget then I would definitely pick those over the previously mentioned leggings.


The 10 Best Workout Leggings You Need

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*The 10 Best Workout Leggings You Need