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10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

Can you hear me now? If you follow this list of ten best wireless earbuds then hopefully you won’t be able to! From the best noise-cancelling technology to headphones that give air pods a run for their money, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get you jamming that perfect soundtrack sans all the wire’s.

1. Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

These earbuds are absolutely perfect when you’re trying to drown out the world on your morning commute to the office or that crying baby whose trying to sabotage your jet-setter lifestyle. With four different noise-cancelling settings you can choose what type of sound experience you are trying to enjoy that day.

While they have a comfortable fit some have complained that they aren’t very conducive to one’s workout. The battery is said to last 8 hours which isn’t bad given the noise-cancelling technology. They may not have a carrying case but with such an amazing music experience why would you want to put them up anyway?

Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

2. Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Earbuds by Anker

These earbuds off an enjoyable music experience with an even more enjoyable price tag. These are definitely the one’s when you’re trying to ball out on a budget! They are comfortable to wear and they are bass heavy to keep you twerking up a storm during your workouts.

They boast a snug fit and are waterproof making them a steal.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

3. Apple AirPods

So you’ve won “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and want to show the world- these babies will do the trick. The hype surrounding these earbuds has been an intense selling point but their effortless mac, iPhone and iPad connectivity are also huge plus. While their noise isolation leaves much to be desired their 5 hr battery life and connectivity ease make them a worth contender.

Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

4.  Bose’s SoundSport Free

If you want to get your run on to the bumpin’ sounds of Lizzo or Sufjan Stevens- I’m no runner as you can tell- then these bad boys are the perfect companion. Their lightweight body, water resistant frame and signature Bose sound quality make them A1 to achieving that runner’s high.

They come in three equally “interesting” colors and have a 5hr battery life plus an extra 10 hours in their bundled battery case. If you want lightweight, midnight blue and orange earbuds that will help you push through your workout, these are the one’s for you.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

5. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Another excellent option for people on the go or masochists’ who workout profusely. These earbuds are fully sweat-resistant, have a comfortable fit, and with a microphone on each side they are perfect when you just have to take that call from Japan while getting those crunches in.

They have a pretty average 5 hr battery life, solid sound quality and are a great alternative to Apple AirPods. Plus saying “Jabra” repeatedly makes you sound like a Californian so that’s “hella tight”.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

6. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Okay things are getting intense and your wallet is starting to sweat but trust me when I say these earbuds are worth the investment. The sound quality on the Sennheiser Momentum’s is incredible and leaves not much to be desired. You can also adjust the sound via the companion app.

The earbuds are bit bigger than the Jabra’s but their sound quality makes up for it. So if you want to get the best musical experience while also sounding like a European count when talking about your “Sennheirser’s” look no further.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

7. Optoma NuForce BE Sport4

Optoma NuForce BE Sport4- it’s in the name. If you want to get your sporty spice on, these earbuds won’t disappoint! They boast an “IPX-5” rating, which in English, means they can survive heavy amounts of water being thrown their way, that doesn’t include submersion.

The sound quality is very bass-forward as with most headphones intended for working out but the battery life can be ten or more hours which means endless jam sessions. The wing-tip design helps in blocking out the world’s noise but so does the bass-intensive sound quality so it’s a real Sophie’s Choice.

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*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

8. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Get Bose sound quality for a third of the usual price. While these headphones aren’t “truly wireless” they offer an amazing music experience at a fraction of the price.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

9. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

At half the price of Apple AirPods and an equally sleek design and sound quality these earbuds are a dream come true. Their compact packaging and noise-isolating design make them an incredibly advantageous option.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

10. Master & Dynamic MW07 Completely Wireless Earbuds

Of course we have saved the best for last! Boasting a sexy design that comes in a plethora of colors, including a limited-time cherry blossom print, and an even more attractive compact case, these earbuds will have you looking and feeling slick.

Beyond their looks these earbuds are splash-proof, comfortable and more importantly deliver an impeccable sound quality. Their battery lasts about 4 hrs but their case provides three extra charges. These earbuds look more like a fashion statement than a tech product, and who doesn’t love that?

These earbuds live up to their name; both master’s of their field and a down-right dynamic design.

*10 Best Wireless Earbuds Of 2019 You Can Buy

So whether you go with cherry blossom print or get your sweat on with our more splash friendly options, you’ll be the Dj of your own destiny. Are you as excited to go wire free and try some of these bad boys out? Get your sound quality on and let us know down below which one’s rocked your world!

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