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Best Winter Date Ideas

Best Winter Date Ideas

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The term “summer lovin’” may have made it into songs lyrics and the classic movie Grease, but we know that love is in the air all year long. When the temperatures drop, the date nights need some heat. No one wants to be stuck in the house for an entire season (how will anyone see your cute boots?) So here is a compilation of some of the best winter date ideas this season.

Ice Skating

One of the cutest date ideas of the winter time is ice skating. This date is interactive, so there is not a lot of pressure put on a new couple. If you’re a couple whose been around for awhile, then you can appreciate having some laughs with your SO. It is cost efficient and unique to the season. Ice skating is bound to be a carefree and exciting time to fill the chilly times of year.

Fireplace and Wine

Some of my favorite date times consist of a fireplace, cozy blanket, a nice glass of wine, and a handsome someone. Going out in the winter is fun, but spending some quality time with a quality person can be just as great. You both like each other. You both like Netflix. You both like wine. When it gets cold, you have an excuse to snuggle down on the couch and fall asleep by the fire (just don’t drop the wine).


For the sporty couple (hello Victoria and David Beckham), we advocate the idea of snowboarding or skiing.  This winter date idea is one of the best, because you can’t do it any other time of the year. You can throw on a cute outfit (can you say faux-fur) and ride the slopes like you’re Shaun White. When you’re done, you can release your toxins in the sauna. Then, simply end the day with a dinner and cocktail. You are both sure to love this date.

Trip to Anywhere Hot

It’s called a location change. Just like the birds head South during the cold months, you can do the same. Grab your passport, your special someone, and head to Mexico for a week. If that’s too glamorous for your college bank account, (which we totally understand), then grab your handsome someone and drive down to Florida for a few days. Relocating for a short time during the winter months is a spontaneous and romantic date idea. Can anyone say mojito?

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A Hot Tub

You have a friend with a hot tub? Perfect. Give her a call and set up a romantic night at her house (obviously while her family is out of town). You can be the spontaneous host of a romantic night, with an all-inclusive dinner, dessert, wine, and hot tub. What better way to spend a date during the winter, then in a steaming hot tub and your steamy beau? We can’t think of anything better.


Take a Walk

It may sound simple, but a walk in the snow can be a beautiful & romantic time. The local park is sparkling with snow and the sun is starting to set. You and your date could grab a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks and take a walk through the park. Your noses are red and cold, which means the only way to warm them up, is to kiss. Your hands are cold, which means the only way to warm them up, is to hold hands. You will feel closer to your date in no time.

Explore Indoor Activities

The indoor activity dates tend to have the reputation of being boring. However, we think you’re fun enough to reinvent the indoor date into something worthy. Why don’t you try some bowling (try not to wince at the pre-worn shoes)? You could try some laser tag or paintball. Sometimes the “younger you” needs to come out and have a little fun. A fun indoor date could be an unusually great time for you and your SO. The couple that plays together, stays together.

What are your winter date ideas? Will you try any of these winter date ideas? Tell us in the comments!
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