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The 10 Best Winter Coats You’ll Want For Cold Days

It might not look it (with the 20 degree plus heat outside) but winter is on its way – thick and fast. There’s a nip in the wind and an occasional chill in the air which means it’s the perfect opportunity to go scouting for the perfect winter coat. To help you out, here are 10 of the Best Winter Coats You’ll Want for those Cold Winter Days.

1. The Camel Coat

Every Autumn/Winter season, numerous shades of brown seem to takeover everyone’s wardrobe. In particular, caramel and camel are the perfect balance between Autumn and Winter. They become a great transitional colour which is why the best winter coats always come in this colour. So it seems appropriate that any style, material or shape of coat come in this colour by the time winter rolls around. Woollen, midi coats look best in this colour so keep all eyes peeled for one.

2. The Powder Blue Coat

Powder blue is the colour of the season. So it’ll be easy to find the best winter coats in this colour. It’s perfect for bringing a reminiscence of that summer sky back if you’re the type to get a little under the weather around this time of year. What with a shearling type fabric and the lovely muted blue colour, it’ll be like you swarmed by summer. Either way, make no mistake, a powder blue coat is one of the best to buy for the upcoming season.

3. The Plaid Coat

It’s already a staple from this seasons catwalks but plaid has always been a brilliant pattern for coats. It can span a number of different materials from wool to cotton so it’s versatile, and as seen over the years, the variation in colours mean you can go for plain old grey or attempt something more vibrant. Just check the shops, they’re stocking up with the best of plaid coats for Winter.

4. The Fur Coat

It’s basically a given for winter season that eventually everyone will be walking around with some form of fur coat. Be it shearling, lined with or just a straight up fur coat, almost everyone has one in their closet and they pull them out when it really starts to get chilly out there. Luckily, a lot of people have come round to the idea of faux fur, so practically every coat you lay your eyes on will be faux – but who says that’s a bad thing? Fur coats are the best for staving off the winter chill, so get your hands on one asap.

5. The Tweed Coat

Nothing is more classic for the winter months than a tweed coat, especially in Britain. They’re made with the intention of keeping the warm in but aren’t just selective for hunting parties anymore – you can find them anywhere. If you want a really special one, you can do no better than a little vintage shopping, particularly in the Scottish capital because of Harris Tweed, but they’re pretty much everywhere this season, so you won’t have to look far for this winter coat winner.

6. The Leopard Print Coat

Perhaps one of Alexa Chung’s favourite things, the leopard print coat has become favourable the world over. It’s seen numerously at all Fashion Weeks, it’s versatile in it’s styling, and still provides an essence of luxury and 60s era, especially when found in fur. It’s never difficult to wear, slumped over a hoody and jeans or dressed up over a slip dress for a zero degree girls night out, the leopard print coat is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

7. The Parka

If you haven’t got a Parka in your wardrobe already, then I don’t know how you’ve gone through winter without one. They’re perfect for it. Waterproof, warm, with a hood and such an abundance of pockets that you don’t even really need to take a bag anywhere with you. It’s even better if you can find one that’s fur lined right up to the hood for extra warmth. No longer one for the Mods, the Parka is simply the best winter coat you can have this season.

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8. The Shearling Coat

It just screams worth at you, even hearing the word shearling makes me feel all toasty. A shearling might not be perfect for all weather conditions, but on a brisk winter morning, when the sun is just beginning to shine, that’s all you want to stick on. They come in a variety of different colours and whether they’re long or short, they suit anyone. It may even be better to buy from the boys section for this one, because oversized is always better to get the best shearling coat for winter.

9. The Duffle Coat

This one isn’t seen often but it’s the kind of coat that you expect to see on adverts for soup, like that Heinz Tomato Soup advert where the girl walks home in the pouring rain. Again, they’re not water proof but they always looks so warm and inviting with the wooden toggles and removable hoods, as well as the colour variety. It’s one of the best winter coats for walking the dog in the snow, or doing your Christmas shopping in (I know, I said the dreaded C word four months early) and definitely one of the best coats for winter.

10. The Trench Coat

I mean how could I leave it off the list? It’s a yearly versatile coat, but comes into its element during the winter because of the amount of layering options that come with it. And what with the amount of colours and patterns out there now, you no longer have to go for a classic tan coloured mac. You could essentially have a trench coat for everyday of the week and no one would frown upon it. It’s one of the best winter coats out there, make no mistake.

Do you agree that these are some of the best winter coats? Let us know in the comment section below!
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