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6 Best Websites And Stores For Dorm Decorations

If you clicked on this article, clearly you are a college student, and looking for the best websites and stores to provide you with the cutest dorm decorations! This article is exactly that! As a college student myself, I have lived in dorm rooms, and I have gone through many styling phases– basically I revamped my room three times, so I know all the good sites to help you find what you’re looking for!

Whether you are style is erring on the side of bohemian, goth, or just minimalist and cutesy, these sites and stores have the perfect dorm decorations for you! I definitely consider my style to be more eclectic and bohemian, meaning I am a maximalist with an obsession for organized clutter! 

That being said, these sites have supplied me with the best deals, so I wasn’t spending thousands of dollars on all the pieces (and there are a lot) I wanted to fill my room with!

Keep reading to find the best deals, stores, and sites to get the dorm decorations suited to your individualistic and personal style!

1. Dormify

Starting off strong with this website, is Dormify! Single-handedly Dormify has supplied me with at least 6 duvet covers/comforters in the past 2 years. The bed to me is always the focal point of a room, and therefore the hardest decision about a room for me!

Dormify makes it so easy to determine what style or bed cover you want and need! Just by the name you can tell that their entire website is going to be geared towards college students and college life as it mentions dorm right in the title, but it’s so true!

Their whole site is filled with dorm decorations and accessories that you need to complete your dorm room! Their dorm decorations are the cutest and they have so many different colors, patterns, sizes, and styles for almost every piece.

Back to the comforter talk, all 6 of my duvet covers were insanely affordable! I bought two for the year (one for summer and one for winter) and then I couldn’t make up my mind, so I bought four more because the designs were so cute! 

You have to give Dormify a try if you have not shopped there before! The shipping is fast and usually free, the quality is amazing, and the options are even better. Give this website a try for all your dorm decoration needs!

2. Urban Outfitters

This second option is probably not on your mind because the pricing is insane, but I feel as though the prices are fair for the quality of the piece you are getting! Urban Outfitters home section is one of my favorite places to purchase dorm decorations from!

All of their pieces are so unique, and really can match any one person’s aesthetic! I have switched up my room style a lot, and I’ve always found myself purchasing multiple high-quality pieces (usually discounted because there is always a sale going on), either online or in-person!

Depending on where you live, there is usually always an Urban Outfitters in one of your city malls! Definitely check the sale section online! Another great thing about Urban is that they are always restocking pieces that they sold out of, and they are constantly dropping new lines of home decor!

The style is so unique, the options are plentiful, the quality is great, and the dorm decorations that they have are amazing! They practically have everything from pillows to dressers to store all of your vintage vinyls! They even sell record players… give Urban a chance! You won’t regret it!

Their customer service is always phenomenal too, so if you have a question or need to do a return, that transaction will be such a pleasant experience and also super easy!


My third suggestion is to shop at IKEA! This is something I recently started doing, as I always forget of IKEA, but my best friend loves it, and I have to say, their dorm decorations are amazing! IKEA is so great for furniture because all the pieces are so affordable!

I have the set of Alex drawers that were trending years ago by all the beauty guru YouTubers, and they have lasted me such a long time! I also own a floral chair that sits pretty in the corner of my room currently, and it would make the perfect dorm decoration!

4. Etsy

My next suggestion is often also overlooked, but Etsy is so great for dorm decorations! I usually will purchase tapestries, or posters, or any knick-knacks for my dresser from here! Because Etsy is an online platform for multiple different types of sellers to sell their items, shipping can vary.

Typically, I receive my items in a week which is not that long, the pricing varies in relation to the item quality and the labor required, but all the items I have purchased from this website have held up over years! 

See Also

Definitely give Etsy a try! This website practically has all the dorm decorations you could think of!

5. Redbubble

My fifth suggestion is Redbubble! This is a website that like Etsy, is a platform for multiple sellers to sell their items and creations! I have only used Redbubble for posters, but they sell a lot of other things that can be used as dorm decorations as well!

Basically, if the band you like isn’t selling any posters at the moment, head over to Redbubble, and most likely there will be a couple different sellers making merch or posters and flags for them! 

The shipping is always fast, and the prices are reasonable! Give them a try! 

6. Offerup

My last suggestion is Offerup! I absolutely love this website! It’s like Craigslist but to me it’s a lot safer and less sketchy! All of the furniture I own (besides my IKEA drawers) I have bought from Offerup! 

The deals are amazing, and you can specify whether you want to pick your item up or have it shipped to you, and like EBAY, you can usually bargain with the seller to get a price more suitable to your needs! 

Overall, these sites and stores are my secrets to getting the cutest dorm decorations! They all differ in various ways so you can choose to purchase from any of them according to what you are looking for! Give them a try and let Soceity 19 know how they worked for you!

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