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Best Ways To Wear A Button Down Shirt

Wearing a button down shirt doesn’t have to be boring or stuffy. You don’t have to save a button down shirt for a business meeting, an office job or an interview. There are plenty of ways to style one. Whether your style is preppy, indie, chic, or edgy there is an outfit to fit every aesthetic. Below are a few or the best ways to wear a button down shirt.  

1. Chic Business

If you do work in an office or have a job that requires you to dress slightly more professional this outfit is for you. Try wearing a turtleneck bodysuit underneath a white button down shirt. Layer a slightly oversized blazer on top and pair it with your favorite pair of mom jeans. This outfit would be any grad students dream. 

2. Preppy

If you are someone who has a preppy and feminine side the outfit below would be perfect. Find a slightly form fitting button down shirt and tuck it into a skater skirt. If you want to add a little bit of edge to this outfit pop on a moto jacket, like in the image below. 

3. Mens Shirt Tied

Go spelunking in your boyfriends closet and grab one of his button down shirts. One of the best ways to wear a button down shirt is to find one meant for a man. It gives you the option to do many things with it because it will be structured slightly looser than a womans would. Try pairing it with a pair of ultra, high waisted jeans and tie it just above where your jeans end. 

4. French Tuck

If you are a fan of Queer Eye odds are you’ve seen this trick. Tucking in your shirt is one of the best ways to wear a button down shirt because it is flattering. While tucking a shirt in all the way can be intimidating this one is flattering on most people. If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of having your shirt tucked in be sure to find one that a size up or two. That way you won’t be overexposed if you’re not used to form fitting clothing. 

5. Cardigan

This is just a cute outfit idea. If you love layering or have a more bohemian taste try wearing a button down shirt underneath a cardigan. Plus a button down will give you plenty of space to show off any long necklaces you might own, like in the image below. This is a universally cute outfit. 

6. Short Sleeved

If you live somewhere warm the idea of wearing a button down shirt might not side like a good idea, but it can be. A lot of button down shirts can come in a thicker material and have long sleeves, but not all of them are like that. Look for one that not only has short sleeves, like in the image below, but also is made of a material that is breathable but not too thin to where you would be forced to wear something underneath it. 

7. Under A Pullover

While this look is more traditionally preppy that doesn’t mean it’s bad. You can easily spice up this look by finding a necklace that really stands out. Also instead of wearing a pair of slacks try pairing these with a great pair of tailored, straight leg jeans or a pair of high waisted skinny jeans. This look is all about the accessories. 

8. Rolled Sleeve

If you still can’t find a short sleeved button down shirt that you love consider making one. Find an oversized shirt, like the one below, and get some scissors. If you can’t sew or don’t want to be bothered trying to sew it simply roll up the sleeves and you have yourself a new favorite shirt. 

9. Sexy

One of the best ways to wear a button down shirt is to wear it in an unexpectedly sexy way, like in the photo below. Find a button down shirt and tie it at your waist without buttoning any other part of it, allowing the gnot to be the only thing seperating you from the world. Considering how sexy the top can be you can maintain a sensual but classy outfit by pairing it with a high waisted, pencil skirt. This is a head turning outfit. 

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10. Simple

Sometimes some of the best ways to wear a button down shirt are the most simple ways. Try finding a simple, white button down shirt and pair it with some black skinny jeans. This screams chic. You can’t go wrong with an outfit like the one below. You will always look put together if you wear something like this. If you want to spice it up find skinny jeans with holes in them, find an interesting jacke to go with it, and rock some great booties.  

11. Denim Skirt

This is a great first date outfit and one of the best ways to wear a button down shirt because it’s timeless. Find a button down shirt, tuck it into a high waisted, black denim skirt and you have an incredible outfit that will definitely turn heads. Bonus points for pairing this outfit with a great pair of hoop earrings and head turning heels. 

12. 70s Inspired

Take a page out of fashion history with this look. Rock a slightly disheveled outfit like the one below. Let your button down shirt remain untucked in whatever way you’d like and tuck part of it into a pair of bell bottoms. The boots will make you look like the dancing queen of your dreams. While this look might not work everywhere it would definitely work for anyone who works in a laid back setting. This will make people aware just how fashionable you can be. 

13. Sheer

One of the more popular and best ways to wear a button down shirt is to find one that is totally sheer. In recent years exposing your undergarments in a tasteful manner has definitely come back in style. Except showing off what you’re wearing underneath isn’t like it was in the 2000’s. Opt out of wearing a neon pink bra or something like that, instead go for a lacy, delicate bra like the one below. If you’re not super comfortable showing off everything this would be a great outfit to wear a bralette, considering that bralettes can almost be considered tops anyway. 

How do you wear button down shirts? Comment below!
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