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10 Best Ways To Wear A Blazer Outside Of The Office

Blazers have gotten a bad rap over the years for being boxy, shapeless office essential wear. And let’s face it, workwear isn’t always our first pick when going out. You don’t need a matching pant suit and a 9-5 job to wear blazers, these blazers were meant to be seen outside of your cubical. 

1. Blazer and Shorts

This combo may seem weird, but I wore a matching blazer and shorts set on repeat over the summer. This is so easy for a dressier solution other than an actual dress. Sometimes it’s just too damn hot to wear pants but shorts can seem too casual, insert the blazer and shorts combo. Perfect for graduations, dress rehearsals, traveling around the city. You can always take off the jacket when it’s too hot, but its nice not dressing down your outfit with a denim jacket or a sweatshirt when you get cold.

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2. Blazer and Silk Dress

Silk slip dresses are really in style right now, they are chic effortless options that can be for formal or casual occasion. You won’t have to ask your date for his oversized suit coat jacket, a blazer gives a more fitted style to that same look. Nothing can ruin an outfit more than trying to find the right jacket, if you’re wanting to keep the more formal look, a blazer is the perfect solution. If you want a more casual style, throw a white tee under your slip dress, opt for sneakers and grab your favorite blazer for a really great day time look. 

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3. Blazer and Bike Short

Bike shorts are basically summer leggings, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Bike shorts give you the comfort and versatility of leggings but the casualness of sweatpants. To dress these up, blazers have been the go-to. Sweatshirts keep the outfit looking casual and sweaters are usually too warm for summer months. Blazers add a more edgy look that match perfectly with the bike shorts. An oversized blazer will hide some of the shorts giving you the semi casual sophisticated look you need. 

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4. Blazer Dress

Blazer dresses are quite possibly my absolute favorite blazer look from this list. It’s also the only one I don’t actually own myself so I feel like an imposter writing this. But this look is too cute and fashionable to not include. Blazer dresses are designed to be a bit longer than a traditional blazer so that it can be worn as an actual dress. These are usually a bit shorter than a normal dress but are a unique look for a more mature look than just a dress. You can also just get an oversized blazer, throw on a belt to make it more fitted. The only thing to look for with creating your own blazer dress it there won’t be buttons all the way down the dress, so you’ll either have to sow it or find a way to keep it secure. Either way this look is made for outside of the office. 

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5. Blazer Matching Set

Matching sets have been my absolute favorite look, like I seriously can’t stop buying matching blazer sets. I’ve been loving this look because its a more mature look and ages you up a bit, which if you are like me and are twenty four and get carded three times for a glass of wine, you’ll want to dress your age up a bit. Let’s face it, no eighteen year old is going to wear a suit set. I also love wearing things that are traditionally meant for somewhere else. So, wearing a blazer and skirt set outside of a business scenario is fun for me. Making it match a new environment and still looking fashionable can be hard to do. Bold colors and patterns will really take this from a bland office look to a stunning streetwear look.

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6. Blazer as a Shirt

Why wear a shirt and a blazer when you can just wear a blazer as your shirt? This creates a sexy yet sophisticated look. If you keep the blazer buttoned it will create a plunging neckline for a simple more reserved look, or if you’re really bold, leave it unbuttoned. Just make sure you have some way to keep the blazer in place, but if you do go for this look you’ll be the best dressed by far.

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7. Blazer and Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are fun ways to express your personality and share things you are passionate about. The only down side is they are usually very casual, a blazer will dress this up without being too over the top. Jeans will keep it casual but dress pants or a midi skirt dress the entire look up. No one will even think twice about you wearing a graphic tee to dinner when you have it looking so chic.

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8. Blazer and Jeans

Blazer and jeans are the most worn look for blazers outside of the office. They are great transitional pieces for going from the office to drinks with your friends after work. Or if you’re meeting outside of the office for a work related even but don’t want to be too overdressed, pairing your blazer with jeans will give you an elevated look. This look is perfect for any occasion; dinner, meetings, shopping, site seeing and anything else. A bold fabric like velvet or a houndstooth pattern makes your boring jeans secondary to your show stopping blazer.

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9. Blazer and Leather Leggings

Leggings have long been a staple in all girls closets, but leather leggings are much nicer looking then traditional cotton leggings. Leather leggings are everything you want in leather pants but the comfort and movability of leggings. This with a blazer is a more badass look than with jeans. If you’re looking for a more edgy look that’s not too rocker chick leather leggings and a blazer are the perfect balance. 

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10.Blazer Vest

I didn’t even know that these existed, but once I did you best believe that I went out and found it the next day. Blazer vests are perfect transitional pieces for every season. You can layer them under a turtleneck in winter with jeans and boots or with a tank top and shorts in summer. These do everything a normal blazer does, dress up an outfit and make it more professional looking. But these are great for any time of the year. If you’re traveling and you want something lightweight that will dress your site seeing outfits up, without making you sweat this is a great option. These are usually longer than a normal blazer and go past your knees almost to your ankles. Don’t let that stop you from trying out this look. It’s super easy to pair with anything and is an immediate solution to making out outfits more 

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Which blazer look will you be rocking outside of the office? Comment below which look is your favorite!

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