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The 10 Best Ways to Style A Flannel Dress This Fall

The 10 Best Ways to Style A Flannel Dress This Fall

Fall is fast approaching, and in the fashion world, Fall is almost synonymous with flannel (like Spring with flowers). The flannel shirt is a pretty easy to style perennial favorite, but a flannel dress is a bit harder. Follow our style tips to learn more about the best ways to style a flannel dress this Fall!

Belt It!

No, I’m not talking about singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs like you’re on The Voice (haha, unless you want to I guess), I’m talking about the most classic way to switch up your style in a cinch (pun intended). Belts are the perfect way to style flannel dresses because they give you shape and figure in an otherwise loose-fitting style. They also standout really well against the colorful background. You can try this style with tons of different belts to get a new look every time!

These Riding Boots Made For Fall

Just like a heavy dose of flannel, riding boots are quintessential to your fall wardrobe. Not only are they super stylish, riding boots are also very practical for the Fall season! They’re great for a variety of Instagram worthy fall activities like hay rides, apple picking, and going to pumpkin farms! They also keep your legs warm as the weather gets cold, so they’re the perfect match for a nice, short flannel dress! You can also add high socks or leg warmers for extra warmth.


Invest In A Vest

Another fashionable yet practical way to style a flannel dress this fall is to throw a cute vest over it! Fall is basically the only season when you can wear a vest, so take advantage of the opportunity. Vests will keep your body warm, but still show off the arms of your dress. Vests and flannel are also classic preppy styles for fall, so they are a perfect pair!

Infinity Scarves Forever

Scarves are of course perfect for the fall weather as well, so they are certainly an accessory to have this season. Infinity scarves pair especially well with flannel dresses because their volume offers a nice contrast to the dress’s ease. Scarves in big chunky knits are especially recommended for extra coziness; however, scarves made of printed fabrics should probably be avoided to prevent clashing with the flannel dress.

Floppy Hats Are Always Fun

Hats seem kind of unnecessary during the fall, especially as the weather gets darker earlier, but they can be very chic! In fact, there are hats made especially for your fall fashion needs. These floppy hats have a wide brim, and are made of thicker fabrics like wool. They also usually feature trim or ribbon of some sort for some extra flair. The muted colors are perfect for pairing with a bright flannel dress, in fact, you can wear one with every outfit!


Promote Your Look With A Blazer

If you’re looking for a more dressed-up style, perhaps one you could wear to work or a semi-formal event, consider adding a blazer. Although flannel is not usually considered a formal fabric, a nice simple blazer on top of a flannel dress can certainly make it look like one! Try to find a blazer that matches one of the colors in your flannel, preferably a darker one to tone down the overall look. It should also be noted that this really only applies to flannel dresses because they are already elevated a bit, but flannel shirts are very casual and would look silly under a blazer.

Booties For Cuties

If you don’t want to commit to a full riding boot, consider a bootie! Like their name, they are super cute! They are also perfect for fall because they have a heel to give you height, but cover your foot and ankle to keep you warm. Most booties also usually have a thicker heel, making them more practical for a variety of fun fall activities as well as walking over piles of leaves. They’re fashionable, functional, and definitely a step up from sneakers. Try classic colors like black and brown, or go for something more bold like red to coordinate with the flannel. You’ll definitely be rising to new heights in this look!

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Leggings For Days

Leggings are a bit of a controversial topic in the fashion world. People either love them or they hate them, but either way, they’re bound to make an appearance each fall. Leggings as pants may be a fashion faux pas, but leggings underneath a dress are super stunning! We all have days where we just don’t want to get dressed up, so leggings and a flannel dress are the perfect solution to being comfy and stylish at the same time. Black is an easy classic, but try experimenting with new colors or embellishments to spice it up! Leggings are also great for keeping you warm, and creating a smooth transition from your hem to your shoes, especially if you’re also wearing boots.

Stun With A Statement Necklace

People often say ‘less is more’, but that’s not always the case. Although a flannel dress can already be a flashy piece of clothing, adding a statement necklace can actually elevate your look to a new level. You would think it would be overwhelming, but if you make sure to keep everything else super simple, then double statement pieces will ensure style success. Statement necklaces work especially well with flannel dresses that have a lower neckline, but make sure that the color of the necklace is pretty neutral so they don’t clash. Silver, gold, and clear crystal-like jewels would be best.

Be A Fashion Rebel With A Motorcycle Jacket

If you want a style that’s a bit more alternative, try wearing a motorcycle jacket over your flannel dress. Motorcycle jackets are an essential in any edgy wardrobe, and will definitely make you look cool. Plaid is also a common print in punk styles, so the flannel dress will pair perfectly with the motorcycle jacket to bring out your inner rebel. The best way to style this look is with a simple black leather jacket, no extra colors or embellishments. Then again, if you want to be a fashion rebel, then go for whatever type of motorcycle jacket you want instead!


Hopefully these suggestions gave you some fun ideas for styling a flannel dress this fall! Try combining some of these styles as well, many go great together! Have other style ideas for a flannel dress? Let us know by commenting below!

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