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10 Best Ways To Stay Organized This Season

10 Best Ways To Stay Organized This Season

Stay organized this spring and notice how your life changes! Staying organized is the key to a healthy and happy semester. We know that finals season is coming up, so how are you going to plan? Don’t miss any more assignments and stop forgetting your laptop at home. It’s time to take a stand against messy lifestyles with these tips on how to stay organized and clean all season long.

Wall Calendar

Wall calendars are great because they provide a constant reminder of what you need to do. Hang it right on your bedroom wall so every night before bed you can check what you need to accomplish the following day. Update it daily, as these calendars are usually made from whiteboard or chalkboard material, that way they can be frequently adjusted. I usually jot down when assignments are due when I have work or a meeting, and any other plans I have for that week. Most of these calendars even provide a reminders section where you can further elaborate on your tasks. 


Weekly Planner

I couldn’t live without my planner. I carry it everywhere with me, I live by it. Having a nice, neat planner is the key to staying organized this season. I use a weekly planner that shows a calendar of each month followed by pages for each week. I keep track of everything with my planner. Whether it’s my friend’s birthdays, large assignments, or even the smallest thing like reminding myself to send an e-mail. Each time I accomplish something, I cross it off. Nothing feels better than looking back on your week and seeing everything you have completed! 

To-Do List’s 

On top of a planner, I always create to-do lists. Each day before I start my work, I create a to-do list of what needs to get done. This helps me plan out my day and see when I should work on each task. I usually write them on a post-it note and stick it on my planner so I can check it off as I go. A to-do list is a much simpler version of a planner. Instead of getting into detail about each assignment simply just write that you have an assignment to complete in “ENGL 621” or “SPAN 400.” As you finish each task, check it off! Throwing away a completed to-do list is always a great feeling.


Color Coordinate 

Color coordinating your planner is the best way to stay on top of your work. Assign a different color for each class, for example, blue for English, red for Spanish, yellow for science, etc. Anytime you write down an assignment, highlight it in the designated color. If you’re working on an internship, designate a specific color to that as well. If you like to keep a planner for activities other than school or work, assign colors for meals, appointments, workouts or even errands. See how much more you’ll accomplish this season thanks to color coordinating! 


Break Up Your Tasks

If you are someone who gets overwhelmed with assignments and work, breaking up your tasks can make this situation a whole lot less stressful for you. If you have a paper due Friday night, don’t save it all for Friday morning. Write in your planner to complete a few pages each day. This will keep you on top of your assignments and allow you to relax a bit when it comes to your schoolwork. Stay organized this season and break up your lengthy assignments!

Set Reminders

Use the reminders app on your phone! I love this app because it allows me to keep track of when to take all my medications when I have a meeting or hair appointment and a variety of other constant things I need help remembering. If you’re forgetful like me, the reminder app on your phone will be your new best friend. You can choose to set reminders for the same time every day (this is great for medication reminders) or even weekly (this is better for meetings you might forget you have). The notification won’t clear from your lock screen until you complete it, making it pretty hard to forget about!


Assign Days for Chores

One way I stay organized outside of my school work is by setting certain days of the week for chores. By doing this, I’m never last-minute scrambling to do a load of laundry or wipe down the kitchen counters. Sunday is usually a laundry day for me, as I plan out in my calendar to wash and dry all of my dirty laundries. Mondays I change the sheets on my bed, and Tuesdays I wipe down the kitchen. By designating one chore to each day of the week, you will live a completely clean and organized life!

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Clean Out Desk

How can you get work done with all that junk in your desk? Having a clean work space is essential when trying to get organized. Go through your drawers and take out all your old papers, trust me you don’t need that doctors note from 2017 anymore! Throw out any old pens or highlighters that have run out and replace them with new ones. For the top of your desk, I recommend using storage bins, shelves and a pencil holder. The top of your desk will look much neater and you’ll actually have room to work. 


Clean Out Closet 

Do you struggle to find something to wear every morning because your drawers are stuffed to the top with clothes? Are all your sweaters falling off the hangers in your closet? I love clothes, but there’s a time you need to realize when to cut back on how much you own. Whatever you haven’t worn in a year or what doesn’t fit you anymore can easily be given to charity or sold on Poshmark. If you refuse to give up any of your beloved clothing, buy more storage! Target sells a great variety of plastic bins and dressers, as well as baskets for your underwear and socks, or even convenient hanging closet storage.

Make Schedules/Deadlines 

Creating schedules and deadlines can be extremely beneficial. When breaking up your assignments, create deadlines for each section you want to complete. Act as if that deadline is its actual due date. For example, the first two pages of the paper are due Monday, the second two are due Tuesday, make these deadlines so that you don’t have an option, that way you won’t procrastinate. Throw these deadlines into your planner or wall calendar and you should have no problem staying organized!


What steps will you be taking to get organized this season? Let us know what worked best for you in the comments below!

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