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5 Best Ways To Stay Connected With Others in Quarantine

5 Best Ways To Stay Connected With Others in Quarantine

The current COVID-19 coronavirus health situation has probably created some unexpected and frustrating scenarios that are out of your control.

It’s common to feel alone and uncertain when physically isolated, but try to focus on ways you can stay connected, both with yourself and others, during quarantine.

Let us admit it to you right now, social distancing is very much getting to the best of us, and not in a very good way.


Hell, I relate to you.

It is getting to the best of me, too.

We all want to spend a lot of time with our friends more than ever after being separated from them so abruptly. But here is the question:  how are we supposed to do that when we cannot have the opportunity to see each other in person? That is the question that we are all asking ourselves now when we are living in this crazy time in our “what is supposed to be normal” world. 


The current recommendations for social-distancing may cause even the best of us to feel alone and overwhelmed at times. And if you’re quarantined either voluntarily or as a mandatory measure, you could begin feeling isolated from the world around you.

So how do we stop feeling that we are alone all of the time? Here are 5 of the best ways to stay connected with others in quarantine. 

1. Take a Class 

We all want to continue doing what we love in the face of quarantine. Whether you want to learn more about a topic for work, learn a hobby or take a course for college credit, you can most likely find it online and sometimes for free. Many online classes are in a video format where you see the instructor on screen, just as if you were in a physical class. This “human” interaction can help fill the gap when you cannot get out to an in-person gathering. You are doing two things: practicing your craft and you are interacting socially – a win-win for you! Who does not want to do that? You know I do!


2. Reach Out To Family Members 

Can I just tell you this right now? I cannot emphasize how important this is to us right now. Connecting with our family members because we want to make sure that they are doing okay both mentally and physically in this chaotic mess. We want to know what they are up to. They are there for us no matter what, so why cannot we repay them the favor? The next step in building your family tree is to talk to other family members to fill in more info. Call a member of the oldest generation who may be quarantined too. Maybe your grandparents or a great aunt. Besides, at a time like this, they may enjoy a chat since they may not want to get out and about either. Start gathering dates, places, and stories in writing or by recording audio or video. It’s important to remember that this generation will not be around forever. Yes, that means call your mother. Or your father, grandfather, siblings, kids, friends…whoever comes to mind that you miss. Hearing a friendly voice on the phone or seeing a friendly face on Skype or Facetime can make a world of difference for all of you.


3. Help Someone 

We should be thankful of what we have now, because many other people do not have what we have. Hell, we might even consider ourselves lucky to have what we have. There are other more effective ways of helping others that you can use. Go through your closets and find usable clothing that you no longer wear and donate it. There are many charitable organizations in desperate need of clothing. The still-working small appliances, electronic devices, dishes, furniture items, linens, toys and other items also are much in demand for those less fortunate. When you donate, it’s good for the recipients and it’s good for you.


helping someone

4. Picking up the phone 

Call, text or email your best friend or a close family member. Hear what’s going on in their lives and if you want to talk about the news, a fresh perspective could help.

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Sleepovers are an important piece of the friendship experience. Honestly, they should still be required for friends to do together!


It is always good to have an extra pair of eyes while talking about things. 

talking on the phone

5. Reading the newspaper or listening to the radio, Talking “face to face”, and watching movies and reading books. 

 Just limit your news intake if it becomes overbearing. Talk to anyone you want using Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or another platform. Give yourself a little mental escape from the real world.




Even though they may not be next to you, your friends and family are with you in spirit and pulling for you and your well-being. Try to make the best of the situation by focusing on how you can look at each day with hope and positivity. 


How do you stay connected with others during quarantine? Which one of these methods might you try? Give some wisdom (and encouragement for those who need it) in the comments below!

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