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Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

Halloween is arguably the most exciting holiday of the entire year. You get to put your creativity on full display for everyone (both strangers and friends) to see! No matter whether you like super heroes, movies, magic, music, celebrities, or what not, there is always the perfect Halloween costume for everyone. With being such a big and exciting holiday, there are many things going on during the course of Halloween, and especially on Halloween night itself. With there being so many options on how to spend your Halloween night, it can be both confusing and stressful.

With that being said, here are the best ways to spend your Halloween night this year!

Halloween Night Club Party

No matter where in the world you are, there will be numerous parties at night club not only throughout the entirety of Halloween, but on the night itself. In fact, the biggest night club Halloween parties are on the day, and if you can, they are a must go.

You see a wide variety of interesting costumes, great music and DJ, and amazing costume contests! All while dancing, and drinking with your buddies! There is almost no better way to spend your Halloween night than being out partying with friends. If your outfit is on fleek, you will receive compliments left and right.

If you are lucky, you might take home a special someone that night!

Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

Scream Fest

Scream Fest is one of the most underrated events of the year. It is an event that runs throughout the entire month of October, with most people participating on Halloween night. It involves everything that makes the holiday so Halloweeny.

You should expect a variety of themed Haunted houses (Bates Motel, The Walking Dead, etc), Halloween themed retail booths, celebrity guest appearances, carnival games, seminars, and non stop creepy entertainment.

The goal of the event is to really scare everyone who comes in, and while Scream Fest is for the whole family, their “resurrected” aspect only allows 12+, with that goal being kept in mind.

They have a wide variety of interactive and fun Halloween themed games, including “toss the severed head into the monster’s mouth” (a twist on ring toss), and shooting zombies with bows and arrows. There is also a terrifying escape room if you feel like you and your buddies are up for the scary Halloween challenge!

Frat Party

Keep in mind that fraternity parties are not for everybody. With that in mind, frats often have parties celebrating various big holidays. Halloween is one of the parties, and the sheer amount of effort they put to making this the best party you have ever been to is really commendable.

The place will be packed, and it is usually really cheap to get in, so that is a good thing! The music will be great, there will be tons of booze and beer if you like, and much more. Since the party will be at a house, there will be a lot less rules enforced as if you were in a night club.

The booze is free, and the people there are more likely to be your age range (if you are a college student), so you will more than likely have more fun!

Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

Trick Or Treating

The good ol’ classic trick or treating. Contrary to popular belief, you can never be too old for this staple Halloween tradition! You go knock on the doors of random people, and they give you candy, how can you say no to that?

It is always fun and exciting when you go with friends, and you get to feel like a little child once again. To go even further with it, you guys can play many fun games with the candies you get. One of the popular games you can do is candy poker, or any betting game with candy. This will occupy you all throughout the entire night, and the winner will have a gigantic stash of sweet candy!

Visit A Haunted House

Your Halloween season simply cannot be complete without you exploring a Haunted house. If you could not go see one before Halloween night, this is an amazing option for what to do on such an exciting night!

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Haunted houses are one of the staple parts of Halloween, as they contain everything important with the holiday. Lots of decorations, intrigue and suspense, and scares! Everyone loves a good jump scare, and the better the haunted house, the better your Halloween night experience will be.

After doing that, you and your friends/family can go for dinner and talk about your thoughts on the haunted house experience, lasting long into the blissful night.

You will definitely not regret doing this, and I highly recommend it!

Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

Watch A Scary Movie In 3d

Last, but definitely not the least, is watching a horror movie in 3d. If you are like me and love horror movies, you will absolutely jump at this amazing idea. However, if you are like a lot of people I know, and do not like scary stuff, you may be anxious about this one.

Go out with your friends and look for the scariest movie you can find that is playing in the theater, and watch it in 3d. Halloween is all about  having new experiences, and nothing says exciting more than you jumping out of your seat because a monster is about to eat your brains out!

You will not only have a great time, but watch a hopefully good movie on the beautiful night of Halloween, enjoying the holiday with your best friends in one of the best ways possible!

Best Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

These are our best ways to spend your Halloween night! At the end of the day, it does not matter which of the above you pick to spend your Halloween night, as they are all great fun! As long as you have fun, wear a neat costume, and laugh with friends, you are good! With that said, let us know in the comments how you plan on spending your Halloween night!

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