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Best Ways To Save Money On Clothes And Accessories

Best Ways To Save Money On Clothes And Accessories

The struggle to save money on clothes can be a bit of a struggle if your used to full-blown shopping sprees or if you’re just not used to shopping at all. Here is your cash-saver, stress-relieving guide to save money on clothes.

1. See What You Have First

Hold on there dearie. Have you checked out your closet? The first step to save money on clothes is to look at what you have.  Think about heading to the store and you notice this awesome jumpsuit or blazer. “I am totally getting that,” you say to yourself. Once you get home, you go to your closet, ready to add the new pieces to your wardrobe and BAM! You see that you already have a blazer like that.

The worst mistake many shoppers make is buying a lot of the same thing. Knowing what is in your closet is the best way to save money on clothes.


2. Accept Hand-Me-Downs

Yeah yeah yeah. I know everyone just loves new clothes, but those hand-me-downs are…vintage. If you truly want to save money on clothes, then accept the hand-me-downs. You don’t have to keep all of them, just sort through the clothes and pick out the ones you like.

This could also encourage you to get rid of some of the clothes you are holding onto for dear life. Yeah, maybe you want to hand those down to someone else and clear some room in your closet for something else. Just think, if you bought it three years ago and have never worn it, maybe it’s time to let go.

3. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are often looked over as places for poor people to shop. If you think this, you are sorely mistaken! Thrift stores are little tucked away treasures full of the some of the best, and sometimes the worst, clothes and jewelry.


This is your best bet when you want to save money on clothes. You will see a lot of name brand clothes for the low in there. The great thing about thrift stores is that they also sell a lot of household items. Drop-in today and save money on clothes with all the other shoppers.

4. Sell What You Don’t Wear

Talk about getting rid of some clothes. Maybe you don’t want to just give your clothes away so why not sell them? This is a very productive way to save money on clothes. Next, you can turn around and but some new clothes. Sell your clothes to buy clothes, sounds simple to me! But there is a method to this madness, so keep on reading if you’re motivated to save money on clothes.

5. Buy For The Next Season

Did you know you can save money on clothes just by buying for the next season? You see it all the time but typically are only focused on buying for the current season. When you walk into a clothing store, you pass all of the clearance isles as the styles are out of season. Take advantage of this!


When will you see another decent looking cardigan for just $5?! Stores so it all the time. They want to get rid of that material so they can put the in-season material up. They will mare those items down then haul them out.

6. Swap Outs

Still not satisfied? Why don’t you do an old fashioned swap? You can call up a few family members and friends to see if they want to part with anything. Know someone that has always wanted that pair of jeans in your closet, trade it out for something you’ve always wanted in their closet!

Save money on clothes and save your time in clothing stores with a great fashion move.


7. Quality Over Quantity

Come on now, we’ve talked about this before. That old pair of jeans will only fill up space in your closet, nothing more. When you are shopping you don’t need to buy a ton of things, just a few. Do you really need all of those jeans or just a few good, durable ones?

Another important step to save money on clothes. It is best to look at the quality of a product so they will last long. this way, you can make fewer trips to the clothing store.

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8. Online Discount Sites

Save money on clothes by shopping online. Sometimes, the price online is lower than the in-store price, or visa versa. Plus the online sites always have running discounts, promotions, as well as bundles.

You will get more for clothes for your money if you decide to shop online. Don’t go ham though because online shopping can rack up some serious cart balance that will have you all wide-eyed. The point is to save money on clothes, not kill your pockets during an online shopping spree.

9. Repurpose Your Wardrobe

If you don’t want to give away your clothes, or swap them, or sell them you can most definitely repurpose them which will not only save you money on clothes but will also allow you to explore your creative side. Who knows what you will turn that t-shirt or pain of jeans into.


That long-sleeved shirt you have no use for maybe trim it into a crop top for the summer. Your friends will be wondering where you got such an amazing top from!

10. Store Closures

You see that clothing store is closing? Well, you can expect them to have the best deals for you to save money on clothes. Their mark downs are unbelievable!

Remember you walked through that store but you couldn’t get those pair of pants because it was just way too expensive me? Why don’t you take a look in that store again, you might be surprised to find those same pants on sale


Hurry though, the material at these stores goes quick!

Feelin’ good now that you have some pro tips to save money on clothes? Good! What did s something that helped you save money on clothes? Have any of these not worked for you, why?

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