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Best Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

Job hunting can be a very difficult process to go through. For some, it’s their first time having a job and for others it’s the beginning of their professional careers. Either way, preparing for a job interview is a very unique process that challenges you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone takes different approaches to the process, but the basic feelings are felt by almost everyone as the day of the job interview grows near. It is a hit or miss when it comes to the person that will be interviewing you. Some of the managers or hiring managers can be very nice and easy to talk to while others only see you as another candidate. You need to go into every job interview with a clear head and the confidence to back up the skills and experience you have or any other attributes that you believe make you stand out above everyone one else that applied for that position. To shake past the nerves and any self-doubt that you may place on yourself, there are a few steps and routines that you can take to help you know exactly what to say to give off the best impression of yourself.

Cartoon depicts a job interview with a grumpy panel memeber saying “We were going to employ you but then we discovered your main hobby was blabbing all over the internet” Subtitle – Careful what you share on the internet’

Confidence is the biggest part of getting your nerves under control. There is a lot of competition for jobs and the demand keeps getting higher and higher. So, no matter what job you are applying for, you must tell yourself from the very start that it is okay if you don’t get the job. Don’t speak it into existence, but make sure you have a few other options that you can possibly do as well. Once you’ve made peace with the negative outcome, put it aside and don’t think of it again. From here on out, positivity is the only mindset you will have. Every night you spent studying and working instead of sleeping, all the hangouts you didn’t go to in order to work hard, don’t let them go to waste. You worked hard to get that interview and you worked even harder to build the required skill set to be a contender. Sit down with yourself and write down all the skills you know you have that will contribute to the position you are applying for. Once you’ve listed all of those skills, list the ones you also believe are critical to that position that you are willing to learn. Bringing up those skills in the job interview and explaining your interest to learn them and saying their importance will surely impress the interviewer and show that you are not lazy or dumb. Speak to yourself and convince yourself why you are a good, educated worker. No one knows you like you and you will be able to understand your tone and find the right way to sound confident in yourself and in your skills.

Another good way to prepare for a job interview would be by researching the company that you are hoping to work in. Find out when the company was started and what their mission statement is. Understanding their values and ideals will help you better match yourself to them. Don’t lie just to make yourself seem like the perfect match, but there are some values that you can learnt to adjust to while there will be others that you have already had experience within some form or another. A lot of companies want to show that they value their employees and their voices. Whether you’ve had a part time job or even just been a full-time student, this is a value you have had experience with even if you don’t think so. Problem solving with a team and working in groups while listening to everyone’s ideas are great things to talk about. Showing that you value other’s opinions and ideas and try to see how they would solve the certain problem are great things to talk about when it comes to trying to show your family values. Also, expressing your interest in what the company has done shows more involvement and stands you out from the rest. Talking about any accomplishments or achievements the company has received shows that you took the initiative to know what the company is about. Employers will be impressed that you took this extra step which not a lot of interviewees take the time to look into.

You want to dress to impress, but you also don’t want to give a false image of what you will be. If you have never worn a suit in your life and don’t intend on wearing one once you get the position, then don’t wear a suit to the job interview. There are dozens of styles created for the purpose of business casual or business formal that don’t involve suits or dresses. Find a style that better represents you as a person. Being comfortable in what you are wearing will help you feel a little more comfortable once you are in the interview. Pick colors that compliment your eyes. Eye contact is very important for a job interview. It shows focus and interest in what the interviewer has to say. Also, don’t be afraid to have a little humor in the interview. A lot of employers are looking for a good worker above everything else, but also want someone that will fit in with the family of their company. Don’t be afraid to share a little bit about yourself to show that you can fit in with a friendly and warm environment.

Job interviews are very hard and scary to do. Having the confidence in yourself and what you have achieved in your life is the most important thing. Be comfortable with yourself and understand the value you hold as a worker and as a person. Confidence will back up everything you are saying and will show the employer that you mean everything you are saying. Value yourself and everyone else will begin to see your skills.

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