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8 Best Ways To Organize Your Wardrobe

Our closest, just like our rooms, sometimes need a little reorganizing. I came up with 8 best ways to organize your wardrobe.

1. Coordinate By Color

This is the most common way people organize their closest because of how easy and well put together it looks. Its best to take everything out of your closet and start fresh from there. Coordinating by color means clumping all the red clothes in one section, the white clothes in another section, and so on. Some people take the organization even a little further and organize all there colors from light to dark, but it is not necessary. Having your closet organized color not only looks visually appealing, however it will save you time when looking for specific clothing items. If you know you are looking for a red blouse you only have to look through one section as compared to searching through your whole closet. Having your closet organized by color is also good for preservative. It allows you to visually see which colors in your wardrobe you have the most. So this may help you next time you go shopping if you are looking to expand the colors in your wardrobe.

2. Hanging Shoe Rack

Hanging shoe racks are the most effective way to organize your shoes. Shoes are just as important as clothing when it comes to organizing your wardrobe. If you are someone who has a lot of shoes, you probably understand the struggle of missing a shoe or just not being able to find a specific pair you are looking for. I would recommend investing into a hanging shoe rack to help better organize your shoes. I prefer the hanging shoe rack over the standing show rack because its better for space because it fits right in your closet. This allows your shoes to be in the same place as your clothes, also making it easier to see what may look good together. Meanwhile, standing shoe racks don’s give you that same flexibility, and sometimes take up more space without even holding that many shoes. I’ve seen hanging shoe racks hold up to thirty shoes which is really convenient for shoe lovers who have many pairs. The best part about a hanging shoe rack is when your done with it you can simply fold it up and put it away,. This is seriously a great investments and not super expensive either!

3.Coordinate By Season

This organization tip is most important at the start of a new season and there two different ways to go about it. The first way you could do this is by literally clearing out all of your clothes that are currently not in season and putting them away (this only works if you have extra space to put these out-of-season clothing). So for example, with Fall approaching, you can clear out all your summer clothes such as dresses, shorts, skirts, etc. and place this clothing in a storage box until you need them again. Another way you can coordinate by season is by shifting all your clothes that are out of season to one side of your closet. This way works best for people who don’t have the space to store away a whole season worth of clothes but still want to remain organized as the seasons change. Coordinating your wardrobe by season is going to save you so much time when it comes to looking for outfits.

4. Placing Your Bags on Hooks

This tip is not only going to keep you organized but is very visually appealing too. You can buy Command strip hooks (which are super inexpensive) and hang up your bags on your wall. If you are someone who has a lot of bags it may look overwhelming if you try to hang up all of them, so I would recommend hanging up the ones you wear the most. This is a great closet organization tip because accessories are still an important part of our wardrobe. This tip allows you to make space for them as well. If you are not a handbag person, you can also hang your jewelry up instead.

5. Fold Your Jeans

Jeans are heavy and don’t always hang up quiet well in your wardrobe. The hangers may not be be able to hold them and trying to search through them to figure out which pair is which can be a pain. To avoid this I would recommend folding your jeans in storing it in a draw, shelf in your closet, or a storage bin. When yo fold your jeans you can even organize it  by stacking the ones you wear the most, at the top of the pile. Your closet will look so much more neater once your jeans or out of the way from taking up space.

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6. Cleaning Out Old Clothes

Sometimes the best way to organize your wardrobe is to simply clean it out. We all know there are just some items that we have not worn in years, but still has mange to keep space in your closet. It’s best to just clear it out, and make room for new clothes. Really be honest with yourself when it comes to clearing out your closet. If you haven’t worn something in the past few months, odds are you may not need it. You can gather up all you old clothes in donate to someone in need or give it to you local thrift store in exchange for some cash.

7. Coordinate By Occasion

We all have clothing for different occasions. whether that occasions be for formal events, work attire, or everyday clothing, it can be a hassle when they are all mixed in together. To avoid this problem, you can organize your closet by these different occasions making sure each is separate from one another. This will save you time when the day of the event comes, and you are looking for an outfit to wear.

8. Use The Same Hangers

This tip is more for aesthetic purposes rather than organization, but its still important. When you use all the same hangers, it instantly makes your closet look so much more organized. It also allows the clothing to all hang the same way. For instance, if you had some wire hangers mixed in with some wooden hangers, you’ll notice that the clothes will not all hang the same way. It also just looks more messy with multiple different hangers hanging in your closet at once. I would recommend getting a large set of strong hangers (wooden preferably) to hang all your clothes. You’ll be feeling so much more organized.

Now you know everything you need to know about how to keep your wardrobe organized. what do you think of this list of 8 ways to organize your wardrobe? Did you find these tips helpful or do you have anymore extra tips? Comment down below!

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