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The 10 Best Ways To Destress When You’re Overwhelmed

The 10 Best Ways To Destress When You’re Overwhelmed

Being a college student is stressful, but don't just live with the stress. Here are the 10 best ways to destress when you're feeling the pressure.

It’s the middle of the semester, and you know what that means: study stress! Regardless of how much work you have, being a college student is stressful. From class to work, study sessions to parties, there’s a lot to worry about. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with the stress. Here are the 10 best ways to destress when you’re feeling the pressure.

1) Meditate.

Many college students have trouble clearing their minds and meditating. All is not lost; there are guided meditations from UCLA, and even some playlists on Spotify.

2) Exercise.

Whether you use the machines at the gym, go for a run, or practice yoga in your dorm room, exercise is a must when it comes to destressing. Exercising releases endorphins and improves your mood.


3) Breathe.

This might seem kind of obvious; we breathe all the time, right? Regular breathing won’t cut it if you want to destress. Breathing deeply elicits the “Relaxation Response,” so it’s one of the best ways to destress if you do it right!

4) Do a good deed.

You might not initially feel like it, but try to do a good deed for someone—anyone—else. Seeing someone else’s day brightened with your help will make you feel like you accomplished something, and you’ll find that you feel a little less stressed after, too.

5) Get a plant.

Having a plant to take care of not only makes your dorm room or apartment look nicer, but having something to look after and watch grow will boost your mood. If you don’t have much time or light, invest in a small plant that doesn’t require much of either, like a succulent or a small cactus.


6) Treat yourself.

Treating yourself doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when you’re on a college budget. Let yourself have that dessert you’ve been craving (without overindulging!) or give yourself a mani-pedi and a face mask. It doesn’t take much to feel like a new person, and taking a break to refresh can be one of the best ways to destress during the semester.

7) See your friends.

There’s nothing a good hangout with friends can’t fix. Venting and hugging are what they’re there for, and it will definitely make you feel better. You’re sure to get a squeeze and a pep talk, so make sure you reach out to the people you love spending your time with.

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8) Make something.

When you just can’t take homework anymore, stop and make something else. When you feel like you’re getting nowhere with the things you need to do, sometimes it’s better to step away. But just watching TV won’t make you feel better; actually creating a craft or art is one of the best ways to destress, and you’ll still feel so accomplished when you have a finished product.

9) Listen to music.

Music is therapeutic in so many situations. When you’re plowing through that homework or studying for an exam, inspirational music can help. Or if you want to step away from the work and just close your eyes for a bit, listen to something acoustic or soothing and you’ll definitely feel better after a song or two.

10) Laugh!

The most important way to destress is to laugh! There’s a reason laughter is the best medicine. Watch your favorite rom com, stand up, or call up your funniest friend. Sometimes all you need to relax is to smile about something you love.

With the best ways to destress in mind, you can face the rest of the semester with the knowledge that you can get through whatever life throws at you. Just breathe!
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