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Best Ways To Bond With Your Sibling During Quarantine

“Siblings-the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” Byron Pulsifer’s, a motivational speaker and seminar leader, words are unerring regarding relationships with our sibling(s). However, seeing the love in that relationship may be hard to see right now. Since being isolated and quarantined in your home, bonding with your sibling can be seen as redundant or unnecessary because you now see them every day if you didn’t before. In light of the quarantine and free time you have, take advantage of the opportunity and bond with your sibling! If you don’t know or have an idea on how to, then take a look at the list below at some of the best ways you can bond with your sibling.

1. How Well Do You Know Your Sibling

Put your knowledge to the test with a trivia game and prove that you know your sibling(s) better than they thought you did. Ask one of your parents or guardian(s) to take part in this activity, that is if you believe your sibling will not always answer truthfully. They will provide the questions for you and your sibling to answer each other. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner. The loser of the game will be their sibling(s) servant for a full day. How’s that for bonding with your sibling?

2. Taste Challenge

Everybody is familiar with the game that tests your luck of tasting something foul, good, or something completely new, again, good or bad. This activity only requires you and your sibling(s). There are two ways to this activity. One is to blindfold your sibling(s), cook or put together your snack, or meal for them to try, and allow them to taste your food before taking the blindfold off to see what you made them. The second way is that both you and your sibling(s) prepare the same dish. After you’re both finished, taste each other’s dish or have your parents(s) or guardian(s) try them and decide which plate is best. Why not give it a try and bond with your sibling while honing or practicing your cooking skills?

3. Tik Tok

Every sibling(s) has that one song that they just have to stop and jam out to with each other. While enduring this quarantine, have you and your sibling(s) create a music video to your favorite song. Music videos can run long and be tiresome to plan. So, if you and your sibling are not that much of planners, make a Tik Tok video instead. Create a dance, pull a funny prank, show the world how you two are bonding during this time. Use the time you have wisely.

4. Video Games

Since both you and your sibling(s) have the time to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ in separate rooms, you have time to hone your battle skills and versus each other on your video games. If you and your sibling are both at par with one another, then team up and go up against other online players on multiplayer mode. Make the odds against you and arrange the party to only being you and your sibling(s) against all other players. Look out for one another and go against the odds.

5. Push Each Other

With the amount of spare time on your hands, you should push your sibling. Not physically push, or shove them, but encourage them to push themselves to go farther. Whether it is a skill, to complete their homework early—because school is still in, unfortunately—to achieve a task or project that they’ve been holding off of, or to get back on track with their workout(s) or training. To better encourage them, help them or do it with them. That way, they are not the only ones pushing themselves, whether it be a new or old skill, training, or project. Encourage each other to do or try something new. Do it with them as well.

6. Go For A Drive

Staying inside the house for so long can get redundant. Not being able to go outside can have negative effects on the human mind. Anxiety and depression can start to settle in. To help with this, seldomly get in the car and go for a drive. Whether it is a drive around the neighborhood, block, down the street, or on the freeway and back. Roll the windows down and get some of that fresh air that you have been deprived of. I’m sure your sibling(s) will greatly appreciate this gesture as well. They’ve been locked inside just as long as you have. 

7. Wrestle

When it comes to bonding with siblings, an activity that never fails is wrestling. Wrestling is typically the first activity siblings learn how to do together. Whether it is over a toy, attention, instigation, or just cause. Wrestling runs in the blood of brothers and sisters. Since we were little, I’ve always wrestled with my brothers. Whether it was because they irritated me, were instigating me, or our tickle fights evolved to wrestling. I always thought of the activity as something siblings just did to show their love for one another. So clear all breakable objects and make sure there is a rug somewhere, and wrestle with your sibling(s). Remember, they are rough with you because they love you. 

8. Grab Some Food

Eating what’s in the refrigerator, pantry, or cupboards may be redundant, like staying inside the house. Give yourself more options, other than what’s inside the house. Get in the car and go hunt for some food to grab. Bring your sibling(s) with you. They may be able to help and think of some places you didn’t think about. When you get there, be sure to order something for your sibling(s) too. They’re likely to be just as hungry as you are.

9. Nerf Gun Battle

Remember your stash of Nerf guns you had? Pull them out. Load them with darts and initiate a war with your sibling(s). Get your war paint on. Hide in the cabinets (if you can). Fill your pocket(s) with ammo and battle it out with your sibling(s). Things will get heated real fast. Before you know it, dinner is ready, and you both are exhausted from battling it out. Trust me, though it’s worth it. 

10. Laugh At And With Each Other

Laughter cures everything. Whether it is a prank gone bad or right, watching your sibling trying to floss, reminiscing on a memory, or you and your sibling(s) are just being goofy together. Laugh with each other. Even if it’s at each other. You and your sibling(s) are bound to do come up with something to laugh at. Make sure you do it together.

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11. Paint War

Water Fight! Except instead of water, use paint, and instead of water guns, use water balloons. A paint war is just the thing you and your sibling(s) need to better bond with each other. It is on the messier side of things, but who cares. Just make sure you clean up after the battle takes place. To make this activity that much better, you and your sibling(s) should try and wear all white. After the war is over, you and your sibling(s) can hang onto the covered-in-paint clothes. A souvenir of the fun paint battle!

12. Be Weird Together

There is no better way to bond with your sibling than to be weird together. Whether it is out in public (the park or drive-thru), in the car, backyard, inside the house, or at the dinner table. Sometimes, being your natural goofy self with your sibling(s) is the only way to lighten up both your moods during this enduring time. 

13. Talk To Them

Sometimes we forget the simplest to do or say can make the difference. Whether you normally have a busy schedule or never see your sibling(s) except through the screen or at the dinner table. Take this time and talk to them. Ask them what’s new (if you don’t already know), how they feel about the pandemic, or what’s the first thing they want to do when this whole thing blows over. Talk to them. It may not seem like much of a gesture, but it’s bound to deepen the bond you already have with your sibling.

14. Be There For Them

Lastly, while being quarantined together, remind your sibling(s) that you are there for them. Whether they want to talk about school, relationships, how they’ve been dealing with the pandemic, or if they want advice on something. It doesn’t matter if they already know you’re there for them or not. Just reminding them and saying it out loud to them can make for a great way to bond with your sibling as well as deepen the relationship. So be there for each other, especially during this trying time.   

What are some ways you bond with your sibling? Let us know in the comments below.

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