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Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option

Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option

AC is the perfect solution to beat the summer heat, but what if it breaks, what if you don’t want to spend your entire summer indoors, or what if AC simply isn’t available? Don’t panic, there are other ways to keep cool in this glorious season.

First and foremost, embrace summer and the warmth that it brings!

If you’re busy enjoying your summer and filling it with seasonal activities such as water sports, picnics, beach trips, scenic walks, barbecues, etc, you won’t be so focused on having to overcome the heat. Use it to your advantage and as an excuse to relax and take it easy!

Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option

The traditional fan

After you’ve taken this step to adjust your attitude towards summer, you can consider other cooling methods such as the traditional fan. Whether it’s electric, handheld, or both, when that whoosh of air hits you, you feel an instant sense of relief. I would personally recommend electric over the traditional handheld folding fan as it does the work for you! Don’t waste your precious energy waving a fan up and down.

Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option

Water sprays

Alternatively, jump on board the latest cooling trend that is water sprays. This simple idea is very effective and only requires a spray bottle and water! Hydrate your skin whilst cooling your body temperature.

Don’t forget to drink water!

Hydrating your body and quenching your heat-induced thirst might not have an immediate cooling effect but internally lowering your temperature will definitely protect you from the potential dangers of the summer heat, i.e. dehydration!

Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option


It may seem obvious but wear light, loose, minimal clothing. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of your clothes sticking to you, the paranoia of visible sweat patches. Avoid these feelings by losing your inhibitions and body image insecurities – everyone’s in the same boat and comfort is the priority during the intense summer heat. And grab a hat while you’re at it – nobody wants to get sunstroke!

Seek out shady spots.

You can still enjoy the warmth of summer without basking in its direct sunlight. Shade makes everything more manageable, so take a minute to gather yourself and reapply the sun cream!

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Speaking of sun cream…

We all hate it but it’s an absolute necessity to beat the summer heat and avoid looking like a walking ketchup bottle. Make sure you’re using the appropriate factor for your skin and the strength of the sun and reapplying every few hours, or after you’ve been for a dip! And it’s not just to avoid the ketchup look, UV rays are super harmful and sun cream helps to protect against them and prevent skin cancer in the future.

Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option

Take a cold shower!

Usually, when the water goes cold mid-shower we curse and jump out pronto, but during the sticky summer months, the last thing anyone wants to do is stand under hot running water…A cold shower is refreshing and reenergizing, and it won’t run out or run up your water bill! So, take your time cooling off – a rushed shower will only make you hotter.

Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat When AC Is Not An Option

Slow down your general pace of life and reduce your daily tasks.

Stress and pressure to get things done will only increase your body temperature. Stop rushing around as if the world is going to end tomorrow because there is a long summer ahead of you and plenty of time to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. It’s okay to take a few more breaks than usual because the minute you sit down and relax, you’ll feel the heat ease away.

What’s your secret to beating the summer heat? Share your tips in the comments below.

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