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Best Ways To Avoid Summer Crowds At National Parks

Best Ways To Avoid Summer Crowds At National Parks

Best Ways To Avoid Summer Crowds At National Parks

Summer crowds can be fun because they dial up the energetic atmosphere during outings. However, the feeling of being in the park with nobody else around is a very special one. If you are in search of a quiet getaway for yourself or for your friends and family, it will be difficult in the summertime with the sudden influx of park-goers. Parks are great communal spaces to share with plants, animals, and people but if you prefer a more quiet National Park visit, the following suggestions may help.

Avoid Holidays

This tip is one that goes for most activities on public holidays. Shopping malls, amusement parks, water parks, and theatres are most likely packed on these days. Although parks in the Summer will already be full of students on vacation, be sure not to go on weekends and public holidays to at least avoid adults who have to work regular hours. So if you have the opportunity to go on weekdays then try to skip the holidays and weekends and you will be clear of summer crowds — it is a solution that benefits both parties.

Best Ways To Avoid Summer Crowds At National Parks

Don’t Drive

If you can help it, don’t drive. The traffic and parking situations are sure to be a nightmare. There is nothing quite like summer crowds in the form of cars. Admittedly, public transportation might still be crowded but at least you can take a nap or enjoy the views. If public transportation, walking, or cycling are impossible, try to carpool. Carpooling will allow you keep each other company, save on fuel, and you will be able to share snacks. Carpool karaoke always make traffic more bearable. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting for a parking spot.

Stay Over

If you are driving there, try to make the trip during off-peak hours. Arriving late in the evening is great if you plan to stay over. By booking camp space or cabins ahead of time you can avoid summer crowds and ensure you have a place to sleep. You will get a chance to enjoy the park at different times of day and in a leisurely manner. Make a plan for when you want to hike, eat, and stargaze to maximize the time you have in the sun (and moon). By staying over in the park, you will not only avoid summer crowds but also have a chance to roast marshmallows in the National Park’s moonlight.

Best Ways To Avoid Summer Crowds At National Parks

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Enjoy From Dawn Till Dusk

If you do not have the luxury to camp in the park overnight, you can arrive early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and leave late in the evening after sunset. You will still be able to enjoy the park with the sunlight hitting the trees at different angles and you won’t have to worry about reserving a place to sleep. By avoiding the peak hours of traffic, you will have a much easier time getting to the park and back. Families with young children likely have no choice but to travel home early but if that is not the case for you then why not enjoy the park for awhile longer?

Best Ways To Avoid Summer Crowds At National Parks

Imagine being the only person in a National Park. Well, that’s not likely to happen and there are upsides to summer crowds. Parks are great spaces for people and nature to share. While being respectful of other park-goers, animals, plants, and the environment is a must, we can go one step further by doing everything we can in our own power to make the space more accessible and enjoyable for everybody else. If you prefer the quiet and you are lucky, you might be able to find some quiet spots in a National Park this Summer!

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