Best Way To Get Revenge On Your Cheating Partner

You have the right to be reading this right now because no one deserves to be cheated on. What part of the word “relationship” do cheaters not understand? Do they need a contract to sign in order to keep them in check? Well, you’ve come to the right place because it’s time to get the revenge you want to get justice for that heartbreak of yours. And maybe you aren’t heartbroken because you knew the relationship wasn’t secure in the first place. Well, either way, here are your ways to get revenge on that two-timing pig. 

1. Gain Sucess

When you’re in a relationship, you have a partner to think about when making any life-changing decisions, especially dealing with your career. But now that your partner has shown their true colors by cheating, it’s time for you to think about you and only you. The best revenge is to be successful. This does not mean to start making millions (would be nice) but be successful in something you’ve always wanted to do, careerwise. Your partner will see how happy you are without them, succeeding at something you love.

2. Exercise

Exercise is the best way to get revenge because you want them to feel like they’ve lost something valuable, which they did. You want that moment where they see you after your transformation and they give you the look of regret. And you will get that moment. Once you start exercising and eating right, you will feel like the sexier, healthier, and happier you, and the best part will be you becoming the best you without them. You will see that they were the ones holding you back from your greatness.


Best Way To Get Revenge On Your Cheating Partner

3. Go Out With Friends

Just because the relationship is over doesn’t mean you should give up on your friendships because they’re the ones who will make sure you are over that Cheater by taking you out to the bar to drink and sing the pain and anger away. Additionally, a lot of the time, some relationships tear friends apart because a friend may warn one partner about the other or one friend may value their relationship more than the friendship or one partner may not like the friend. If any of these happened in this relationship, you owe it to that friend to make things right and apologize, especially if they warned you about that two-timing pig.

Best Way To Get Revenge On Your Cheating Partner


4. Find New Hobbies

You’re single so do things you’ve always wanted to do. But if you really want to get revenge to drive them crazy, do things that they’ve always wanted to do or things they’ve wanted to do with you during the relationship. That is how you drive that pig mad. Not only do you deserve to have fun but they deserve to feel betrayed just like how they betrayed you. And if you decide to keep them on your social media, brag it up on there and make sure they see because chances are they are spying on you after hearing from your friends that you are living your best life.

5. Be Freinds With Their Exes

There’s no need to be jealous of their exes anymore since the two of you are no longer together. Not only will your list of friends grow but you all can compare notes and laugh about the things you hate about them. And if you want, you all can pull a Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann from The Other Woman and plan revenge on them that will destroy them for good. Again, you deserve happiness and they deserve manure.

6. Sexier Wardrobe

Now, if you’ve always worn sexy clothing, take it up a notch to have them trembling. For women, add more clothing that’s more short, tight, and laced to your wardrobe. Don’t think this is typically women being objectified, but as a woman myself, a lot of us dress sexier to feel sexier. So, go ahead and put on your sexy clothes and show him what he’s missing. A lot of guys tend to booty call after liking what they see, but you’re smarter than that. Use that booty call to tease him by whispering everything he wants to hear over the phone and shut him down with “too bad you can’t have this anymore” or something like it.


7. Get Them Out Of Your Hair

Your hair holds the memory of them running their fingers through it. So, change it up and get them out of your hair. Get a perm, straighten it, curl it, bleach it, cut it, whatever you wish. But make sure it looks good. Changing your hairstyle is a strong indication that you have moved on and ready for something and someone new. Listen to Little Mix and get that pig out of your hair.

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Best Way To Get Revenge On Your Cheating Partner


8. Block Them

While some people prefer to not block their exes on their phones or social media accounts, others prefer to block them so they (the exes) can wonder what’s going on with them or to kick them out of their lives for good. Blocking that Cheater is a great way to get the revenge you want because they will be wondering where you are right now, what are you doing, who are you with, and why you blocked them. Youll be on their minds, probably to the point where they stop by your house to see what’s going on. In the end, blocking them will only have them thinking about you more.

9. Flirt With Their Friends

The worst thing that can happen during a break up is when the ex moves in on one of the friends. And to get your revenge on that cheater, slide into their hottest friend’s DMs. Don’t be creepy about it, but just text to see how they are doing and go from there. Be polite when you do, don’t make it obvious that you are flirting because they’re going to hit you with “I don’t think we should be doing this.” Keep it casual and friendly but slip in little flirty comments here and there.

Best Way To Get Revenge On Your Cheating Partner


10. Keep The Stuff You Bought

Cheaters like to get what they can’t have but don’t appreciate The things they already have. Once you kick them to the curb, make it clear that everything you paid for and gave to them, you want them back. If you paid for it, it’s yours and if they don’t return them, they can pay you the amount of money you spent on those things. Like Beyonce says, that’s your stuff and if you bought it, then they don’t need to be touching it.

I’m sorry if you are reading this. Again, no one deserves to be cheated on and played with, just know that whoever they are, they don’t deserve a priceless gift like you. Share with your friends or people who need this and comment below if you’ve been cheated on. 

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