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Best Way To Curl Your Hair

Best Way To Curl Your Hair

Hair treatment is a very important aspect of our lives, but it is good to know how to curl your hair naturally. Our hair is very sensitive and sometimes we do not want to damage it. Not everyone knows how to use hot irons and it can be dangerous if you do not. This is when it is important to know alternative ways to curl your hair.

There are several ways to know how to curl your hair in case you are short on time. In case of an inconvenience such as your hot iron not working, you can rest assured that you can still curl your hair. If you are someone who has straight hair that lacks volume then you can most definitely benefit from these hacks.

Here are some ways that do not require a hot iron to curl your hair!



Braids are the best way to get results and super easy to do. The best way to get results is to make sure that you braid your whole head. It really depends on what type of curls you want, the smaller the braids the finer the curl. The bigger the braid the wider the curl.

The easiest way to get results is by braiding your hair overnight. This way all you need to do is sleep and then remove your braids when you wake up!



The best way to get results is also by scrunching your hair upwards so that the hair gets closer itself. You can scrunch your hair when it is wet because you would not get results otherwise. When your hair is wet you simply scrunch it and bring it closer to your face.

This method can work with dry hair but works even better with a bit of water and hairspray. I would recommend scrunching your hair for 20 minutes just so that your hair has its curls more defined.


Twist Buns

When you twist your hair into buns you are naturally forming your hair into curls. You can twist you hair into more than two buns but it really depends on how many buns you want. You can also wait a few hours with your buns on or you can just sleep with your buns. In the morning your hair should be curly.

This method is pretty simple and what can help make the curls more defined is by adding hairspray. When you put hairspray to your buns your curls be more defined. The same goes with how tight you want your buns to be.

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Twists With Pins

The best way to curl your hair can be with pins. All you need is pins and to twist part of your hair and hold them in place with pins. The best way to get results is by putting hairspray to make sure your hair is in place. Once your hair is in place you can sleep with your pins in overnight. 

Once you are done with your pins after a few hours you can simply remove your pins. To make sure that your curls are in place you can add hairspray. Make sure not to add too much hairspray because then your curls might get hard!


It is important to know that there are several ways to curl hair naturally. These methods will definitely not damage your hair. Now you know next time you need to curl your hair you can follow one of these methods.

In case you need to know how to curl your hair these methods will definitely give you results. Let us know which of these methods worked best for you!

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