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7 Best VT Game Day Outfits

7 Best VT Game Day Outfits

Game days at Virginia Tech are ridiculously fun. If you haven’t been lucky enough to attend one yet, you are missing out. What isn’t so fun though, is figuring out what to wear. While it sounds simple to just deck out in your schools colors, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Your wardrobe could be limited in the maroon and orange department, or the weather does not permit you to wear your usual.  Umbrella theme here is something comfy and light so you aren’t fussing all day. Remember: showing off hokie pride does not necessarily mean wearing only VT apparel. Here are the main things people wear at Virginia Tech’s beloved tailgates. If you need any advice at all, keep reading for the 10 best VT game day outfits!

1. A VT Jersey.

This might be a little obvious, but wear a Virginia Tech Jersey! They are worth the investment, I promise. Nothing is easier than throwing on a jersey and some jeans, shorts or leggings for a football game. They work in cold and warm weather and will be a staple in your hokie collection.

Copy this look:


2. Anything Bleeding Maroon & Orange.

This is a given, but represent your school by showing off its colors. Wear orange pants, tie dye shirts, maroon shirts, jumpsuits, rompers, dresses, shorts, t-shirt’s– literally anything that has maroon and orange. You will fit right in. There is no dress code for a tailgate other than being comfortable and showing some sort of pride for your school. What’s a hokie? You are.



3. Trendy & Cute Fashion (In Hokie Colors)!

Going off of what I just said–wear VT colors–but that doesn’t always mean sweatpants, leggings, or t-shirts. Wear something cute! Rompers are a huge trend here in hokie country and lots of stores sell them in lots of different colors and patterns.

High-wasted shorts and crop tops are also popular, along with jean skirts or flared hippie pants with a cute top. You don’t always need something that says “hokies” or “VT” on it. Dress up a little bit if you want, I usually do. Plus, the pictures you take come out great (prime opportunity to post a pic on the gram). I’ve noticed that this is definitely the most common apparel at a tailgate.


4. Jean Shorts, Converse, and Hokie T.

Wear things that radiate hokies! We all have that t-shirt that says “What’s a hokie? I am!” We all probably have a few more shirts that represent VT too. Wear it, be proud of it, show it off, and you’ll be good to go.

Copy this look:


5. A Redskins Jersey.

Not so common, but totally appropriate. Most students at Virginia Tech grew up in Virginia, and well, most Virginians are Redskins fans and have a jersey lying around. If you can’t or don’t want to pay for the Virginia Tech jersey I mentioned before, then throw on your Redskins one! The color is maroon (which obviously is appropriate), and you won’t be the only one wearing one. You may be in the minority group, but still totally on point.

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6. Flat Sandals & Sunglasses.

This is not something that everyone would really think to do immediately. Wear flat shoes.  Don’t forget sunglasses. You do not want heels sinking in the grass at your tailgate. You don’t want to be blinded by the sun. You also do not want to roll your ankle if you drank too much or fall off the bleachers when you jump up and down to Enter Sandman.

I know we all love our cute little booties, but sometimes they aren’t the best idea. Converse, sandals, boots, Birkenstocks, sneakers, flip-flops, or anything that does not have a heel on it and you should be straight. Cowgirl boots are particularly common, even thought they aren’t completely flat, they are just as comfortable. Blisters are awful and sore feet are not fun either. Comfort is key.


7. Cross Body Bag

You have to have some place to hold your phone, keys, hokieP, debit/credit card, ticket, and sunscreen (trust me–you need it). A cross body makes it easy to hold everything without it hurting or falling off your shoulder every 10 seconds. Plus, they are cute.


What are your favorite VT Game Day Outfits? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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