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10 Best Vintage Stores In NYC

10 Best Vintage Stores In NYC

New York City itself is a relic from the past; it embodies a vintage spirit in its historic landmarks and buildings and museums and galleries preserving ancient art and artifacts. However, an unconventional way to tap into the city’s past is visiting one of the many vintage stores, featuring items that comment on the world’s taste in pop culture, fashion, and culture across various decades. So, let’s take a look at ten of the best vintage stores in the NYC area that could give us 21st century city dwellers a taste of the past. Here are 10 of the best vintage stores in NYC you should definitely browse!

1. Mr. Throwback

Dense with vintage snapbacks and jerseys, this store features sports apparel from the 1990’s.


2. New York Vintage

NY Vintage is a high-end boutique in Chelsea that features vintage fashion collections, mainly for the purchase and use of top fashion designers and celebrities. While I’m sure not many of us have an upcoming red carpet premiere to buy these dresses for, it is definitely a store worth window-shopping at.



3. No Relation

Common items found in a customer’s signature #LTrainVintage shopping bag from this East Village store include: retro jackets from name brands like Guess or Adidas, sleek leather bombers, or cheeky holiday sweaters.


4. Edith Machinist

This trendy fashion store is not for the meek and mild fashionista as the shop’s catalog is full of clutches and funky belts from every era.


5. Pippin Vintage

A jewelry store that equates itself to “rummaging through grandma’s jewelry box.”


6. Posteritati Movie Poster Gallery

This shop sells movie posters of varying time periods and genres. Warning: viewing the movie poster for 101 Dalmatians in the “vintage” category may make you feel old, like it did for me.


7. Monk Vintage

If you have time to sift through a clutter of costume jewelry and 1960’s – 1990’s garb, this basement thrift shop based in Brooklyn is for you.


8. Hamlet’s Vintage

Whether it’s a for a Johnnie looking for an inexpensive outfit to show off in the city or a vintage collector seeking an additional piece for display, Hamlet’s top rated employee staff give their optimal time and attention in finding the perfect vintage-inspired look.



9. People of 2morrow

Located in Brooklyn and shortly launching an online webstore, People of 2morrow features Instagram-worthy pieces of clothing and jewelry, as well as unique home decor and toys.


10. Metropolis Vintage

With its signature rock and roll t-shirts from bands such as Metallica or Nirvana and star-studded customer track record (i.e Scarlett Johansson), Metropolis is a must on your next vintage adventure in the city.

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