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Best Venues In Seattle To See A Show

Best Venues In Seattle To See A Show

Seattle, among other things, is known for its very diverse music scene. Musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Heart, and the many pioneers of the grunge era (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, etc.) have put themselves on the map of the growing history of the metropolitan. Today’s native bands/artists have been inspired by some of these artists and many more. And with the different venues around every corner of the city, they’re able to help showcase each genre of these local and visiting artists. These are some of the best venues in the great Seattle area to see a live show, whether your genre of choice is rock, pop, alternative, or even heavy metal.

Showbox Market/Sodo

Starting off this list of venues is probably one of the most well-known, and recently turned, landmarks the city of Seattle has to offer. The first location opened in 1939, steps away from the historic Pike Place Market, and has held its own history book of music artists from the jazz era to the grunge rock era, including Blondie, Iggy Pop, Ke$ha, Daft Punk, and Ice Cube. The Showbox Sodo later opened in 2007, down the same area of the city sports fields, bringing artists including Dropkick Murphys, Panic! At The Disco, Mac Miller, and Excision.



Originally named Moe’s Mo Roc’n Café, it first opened in 1994, before closing down at the height of its success, then relaunching in 2003 under its current name. This is one of the many venues in the town known for its lively “music calendar, outstanding light production, and a state-of-the-art sound system. The showroom features three full-service bars, a second floor mezzanine, and a balcony that overlooks the stage. We host a variety of national and local musicians who play genres across the spectrum.” Groups such as No Doubt, Radiohead, The Presidents of the United States of America have put their names in the book of historical shows to take place. Other visiting artists in that range include Vampire Weekend, Bhad Bhabie, Eagles of Death Metal, and Muse.

The Crocodile

First opening in 1991, this Seattle venue provides “such a storied and beloved past, and no other rock and roll venue that has earned its right to occupy the hearts of so many.” A pioneer of the grunge era and beyond, it abruptly closed in 2007, leaving a void in the history of the city before reopening better than ever in 2009. It’s held a variety of artists in its time such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Green Day, Cheap Trick and the Strokes.


Nectar Lounge

Some venues in Seattle have the ability to provide comfort that matches the vibes that comes from any and all artists that have the pleasure to set foot on its stage. And this venue happens to be the only one of its kind in the music city. Located in the Fremont area, they’ve been able to draw genres “to our stage and all sorts of people together in our space. We are a home-away-from-home and all are welcome here – to drink, dance and enjoy incredible music, the one language we all speak.” Whatever kind of music completes your night, this is one that “showcases artists not only from all genres but from all corners of the world. We take a global approach to music and to our space to ensure that every sound is heard and everyone feels like they’ve found their “third place” in Seattle when they come to Nectar.”

High Dive

Located in the Fremont neighborhood, also known as “the Center of the Universe” “The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco and CBGB in New York” “distillation of all that is good, and maybe just weird, but has nonetheless passed before its doors. Take for instance the annual Fremont Solstice Fair and its parade of naked bicyclists. Or the oddity of a once fallen Lenin statue across the street with its hands always freshly dipped in protest with red paint.” Macklemore, Wiz Kalifa, Bassnectar, Bon Iver, Sir Mix A Lot, and Two Door Cinema Club.

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Chop Suey

Located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, this nightclub-style venue is ideal if your taste falls more into alt-rock and hip-hop bands. Or, if you just want an excuse to go to a dance party with the Chinese dragon that’s hung on the ceiling, they host just that every Monday night. There’s even a built-in kitchen The Escondite that serves a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, and burgers definitely worth the try.

The Triple Door

Before renovating to the cozy “an intimate, comfortable space that would connect performers to their audience. Every effort was taken to preserve the ornate qualities of the old theatre, such as the original stage proscenium and ceiling fixtures. Rich fabrics, plush seating, and state of the art sound would complete the renovation, transforming the grand old space for a new generation of entertainment.” to “provide the best in sound, lighting, atmosphere and hospitality, and you maximize the opportunity to make something real and alive happen between artist and audience.”


Funhouse/El Corazon

If the first rule of a venue is “No Assholes,” then that already shows that their primary goal is a well-worthy concert experience. El Corazon, meaning “The Heart” in Spanish “provides the ultimate concert and social experience with a staff focused on strong, excellent customer service and artist relations. We display a commitment to the dedication, professionalism, communication, and respect, all while having a good time. We have lofty goals and help support each other in realizing these goals. We work as a team and will go above and beyond of what is asked of us each and every day. We approach each day with the ultimate achievement in mind to make the Funhouse and El Corazon the best place to see a show, play a show, have a drink, spend time with friends or enjoy a meal in Seattle.”

Which Seattle venue would you go see your next show? Let me know in the comments below!

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