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10 Best Veggie Meals That Aren’t Boring

10 Best Veggie Meals That Aren’t Boring

These are the best veggie meals that anyone can enjoy! They're far from boring and will satisfy the stomach of whoever eats them!

Going to a restaurant as a vegetarian is always going to be a struggle. I’ve found I’m often offered a salad or fish? And for all those who don’t know, fish is not vegetarian so don’t bother offering it to me. Luckily, I’ve become quite confident in the kitchen and am happy to rustle up my own delicious dishes at home. Here are some of the best veggie meals!

1. Veggie Enchiladas

All Mexican food has great vegetarian alternatives and is always so full of flavour and spices, you just can’t go wrong. I normally pack my enchiladas with peppers, mushrooms and onions, as well as piling them high with a mountain of cheese to melt into the perfect crispy topping. If you don’t feel confident enough to make your own sauce, then just grab an enchilada kit from the shops and you’ll be set for a delicious dinner. This is one of the best veggie meals!

2. Cheese and Vegetable Pie

Pie can be a great option if you’re stuck for what to cook a vegetarian. It is always filling and often quite easy to achieve. For this pie, I would normally use broccoli, potato, carrot, green beans, sweet corn and onion, drowned in a cheese sauce before being topped with a thin layer of puff pastry. The perfect pie for any vegetarian on a cold winter evening.


3. Veggie Bean Burgers

Bean burgers are often restaurants go to food for vegetarians, and in good reason too. Homemade bean burgers can be as spicy as you want, however I would definitely recommend using a food processor for this one. You can make these without and just mash the beans down with a fork, however you may find your arm aches after. Feel free to top these with salsa, lettuce or a slice of tomato to finish these off.

4. Homemade Pizza

Now honestly, who doesn’t love pizza. And once you make homemade pizza, you’ll never go back to store bought, it’s that good. All you need for the base is plain flor, yeast and water. It’s that simple. And once you’ve perfected the dough, you’re free to put whatever toppings on you want. BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms, veggie pepperoni. The world is your oyster so go wild! This is definitely one of the best veggie meals!

5. Garlic Mushrooms

Now these can be a whole meal if you want, but I would suggest having them on the side, maybe accompanying your pie! All you need is some portobello mushrooms, garlic paste and cheese to make these super tasty snacks. If you have some mushrooms that need using up immediately then why not try them with garlic paste and cheese in a baguette? You’d be surprised at how delicious and simple it is!


6. Halloumi and Veg Fajitas

For those looking for a quick option for dinner, fajitas are your perfect option. Once again, I add mushroom, peppers and onion, but I would also fry up some halloumi to add a bit of texture to the wraps and make them that bit more filling. And for the flavour, I would definitely recommend the smoky BBQ fajita powder found in all shops. It is the absolute best flavouring you’ll find.

7. Falafel and Humous Pitta

Now if you’re veggie, you probably know the beauty of this simple light lunch already. Falafel and humous stuffed in a pita with an array of salad is both filling and tasty. I often find store bought falafel quite dry, so I would recommend making your own the night before if you have a spare half an hour, but if not then no worries, the humous and salad is sure to make your pitta nice and juicy.

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8. Veggie Ramen

Ramen is one of those dishes that I feel people love to order when they’re out but would never dream of making it themselves, but it is surprisingly easy. And with winter coming up, there is nothing that will warm you up better than the tangy broth that comes with the noodles and crispy tofu.

9. Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

The perfect Italian dish for any vegetarian, however unlike the other meal options above, this one can seem quite daunting to make. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this recipe is to use large pasta shells opposed to pasta tubes. This way you can simply spoon in the mixture instead of needing to pipe it in. This cheese and tomato filled recipe is sure to be a hit with all vegetarian and meat eaters.

10. Pesto and Veg Tartlets

These may seem like more of summer meal, however pair them with some roasted veg and new potatoes, and you’ve got yourself a hearty winter meal. If making these for veggie guests make sure to double check the pesto jar as a lot of pesto isn’t vegetarian but most supermarkets do sell a veggie friendly alternative.

What do you think are the best veggie meals? Which of these recipes do you believe are the best veggie meals? Tell us in the comments!
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