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7 Of The Best Vegan Restaurants in Denton

7 Of The Best Vegan Restaurants in Denton

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UNT has one of the best vegan food options within the Mean Greens Cafeteria, but not everyone lives on campus or is here all the time. Outside of campus, there are a number of places that serve vegan food. Some of these places are vegan exclusive while others you might have to be a little creative. Here are 7 vegan restaurants to go to in Denton besides the Mean Green Cafeteria. These places offer an atmosphere, cool staff, and most of all good food!

1. Spiral Diner

Spiral Diner is a go-to is you’re looking for vegan cuisine in Denton. The masses rejoiced once it was announced that the formerly Dallas and Fort Worth exclusive restaurant was building a location in Denton. The original location was opened in 2002 in Dallas, and prided itself on serving “the food we grew up loving…just 100% plant-based.” It’s one of the very few restaurants to serve only vegan and vegetarian food. All of the food is good, even for someone who usually doesn’t indulge in vegan fare. And it’s sure to fill you up for the price that you’re paying. They even make their own soda, which is already included in your meal price! From things like a southern comfort breakfast to spicy buffalo chicken nachos, Spiral is sure to have something to satisfy your appetite.

7 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Denton


2. Mellow Mushroom

One thing people think about (even vegans) when considering vegan food is “how good is the cheese”? That’s not a question that has to be asked when dining at Mellow Mushroom. A little preface: the vegan pizzas are a little expensive, and they will take time to make, but it’s gonna be worth it, and you’re gonna be full for the rest of the day. Located on The Square,  the Mellow Mushroom serves pizzas, calzones, hoagies, and more in an artsy and family-friendly environment. The first Mellow Mushroom was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974 and quickly grew because of their chill environment and all-around satisfying pizza. Any of the pizzas on the menu can be replaced with vegan toppings and cheese. You can even have your crust stuffed with mushrooms. 

3. LSA

Another staple of Denton’s Downtown Square: LSA. It’s is a nice place to go to if you’re with a group and not everyone happens to be vegan or enjoy vegan food. LSA is American food with a Texas-themed atmosphere. Most of the things they serve do contain meat, but most of their menu items can be converted to vegan or vegetarian. Vegan sides include french fries, hummus, rice, beans and more. It might sound silly to get at a burger place, but even their salads are considered a favorite on their menu There’s a vegan burger that you can order with or without and bun. There’s also the Veggie Power Plate, a meal made with mushrooms, steamed veggies, and a Parmesan garnish that’s amazing. You won’t be disappointed by anything you order here. 

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4. Komodo Loco

Komodo Loco provides one of the coolest restaurant atmospheres in Denton and it’s because there’s not a lot of places like it. It’s a local establishment founded in 2017 that serves non-traditional Japanese food with a Latin twist. Komodo Loco has a wide variety of vegan rolls and bowls that they will make vegan if you ask them. They’ll remove the egg, add tofu, and have you choose from their eight different vegan sauces. There are also loads of other ramen and veggie dishes that are served without any eggs or meat. The only downside is that they share a fryer, so stay away from fried food here if it’s a concern of yours. Plus, they have a delicious sake menu and interesting draft beers that are great compliments to their meals.

10 best vegan restaurants in Denton

5. Mr. Chopsticks

There are a few Asian cuisine restaurants in Denton, but none do it like Mr.Chopsticks does it. Like Komodo Loco, Mr. Chopsticks is an Asian-fusion restaurant, Chopsticks is just a little more traditional with their preparation. Even if not to try all their delicious vegan options, one should go to check out their incredible sake sampler of five different flavors. The restaurant is located a short walk from campus, so there’s no excuse not to check this place out at least once. Some of the entrees to try are the mustard green soup, tofu and basil, and a wide variety of sushi rolls. Thankfully, the vegan and vegetarian options are marked on the menu, besides the vegetarian portion of the menu.


10 best vegan restaurants in Denton

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6. Green Zatar

Like I mentioned with Mr. Chopsticks, there are a lot of Mediterranean restaurants in Denton, but not a lot of them do it like Green Zatar. Gyro 360 is a little bit closer to campus, but the food at Green Zatar is worth the extra time it takes to get there. The family-owned spot was opened in 1994 and has brought a diverse selection of food to Denton ever since. They have a wide variety of steamed veggies that can be added to bowls, falafels, and sandwiches. Their baba ghanoush and hummus dips are must-try appetizers if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself at this establishment. 


7. Seven Mile Cafe

Not much needs to be said about Seven Mile Cafe other than it’s a vegan and brunch connoisseur heaven. The only bad thing about this place is that it closes so early, at 2 PM, so you have to make sure you beat the rush. There are three other locations besides the one in Denton, and they should definitely be checked out if the Denton location is a little too busy. Customers can choose from tofu scramble, breakfast tacos, pancakes, and even vegan Eggs Benedict to satisfy their vegan needs. All the vegan options are clearly marked on their menu, so there’s no need to ask the waiter about different options. And for dessert, you can try a delicious cinnamon roll or a smoothie with non-dairy ice cream. 

7 of the best vegan restaurants

Finding vegan food, especially good vegan food can be hard. These places are sure to satisfy your appetite and maybe give you a new perspective on vegan cuisine.


Tell us your favorite havens for vegan fare in the comments below!

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