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5 Best Vegan Restaurants In Boston Anyone Will Love

5 Best Vegan Restaurants In Boston Anyone Will Love

5 Best Vegan Restaurants In Boston Anyone Will Love

Going out to a restaurant can be hard as a vegan. Yet luckily Boston is one of the most diverse in cuisines in the city. In Boston, vegan restaurants are becoming more popular. Here is a variety of the tops five vegan restaurants in Boston you should check out!

1.Veggie Galaxy

This retro-themed restaurant located in Cambridge provides you a classic American dinner with a vegan twist. The environment is perfect for a reunion with friends or family! The menu offers a wide variety of diner-inspired foods, and also amazing vegan donuts. Some dishes highly recommended are the vegan mozzarella sticks and the mac & cheese.

Veggie Galaxy is located at 450 Massachusets Avenue


📞: 617- 497-1513

Click here to visit the Veggie Galaxy website! 


This is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Boston, frequented by vegans and non-vegans alike. By CHLOE can be considered a ‘healthy fast food’ restaurant. Offering plant-based wholesome food without sacrificing the amazing flavor. Their motto “Eat Well. Eat with purpose” sums up the feeling they want their customers to get. The environment of the place is perfect for a trendy Instagram snap while eating amazing healthy food! This could be considered one of the most trendy vegan restaurants in Boston. The most recommended items to order are the guac burger and the chill birthday cake!


by CHLOE is located at 100 Van Ness Street, 399 Boylston Street, and 107 Seaport Blvd

📞: Fenway: 617-936-5936,

Boylston: 617-336-7566


Seaport: 617-845-1055

Click here to visit by CHLOE website! 


3. Life Alive

One of Life Alive missions is making nourishing slow food for faced paced people. The restaurant provides a zen relaxed environment perfect for studying or to go with friends. The vegetarian/vegan menu offers smoothies, wraps, bowls, and grains. Some amazing dishes you should try out if the Mexican hot chocolate and the Rainbow Harvest.

Life Alive is located at 765 Massachusets Avenue and 888 Commonwealth Avenue.

📞:  Mass Ave: 617-354-5433


Commonwealth: 617- 903-3256

Click here to visit the Life Alive website! 

4. Taco Party

Taco Party offers a variety of flavourful vegan/vegetarian tacos! Their mission is to prove that food only made from plants can equally be as amazing,  fulfilling and at a very good price. Apart from tacos, they also offer nachos, salad, and tortas. For many, this is one of the most varied menus of vegan tacos in Boston. The Taco Party also has a food truck roaming through Boston during the week, for more information on the location of the food truck go to the website liked below!


Taco Party is located in 711 Broadway Somerville

📞:  617- 764-0683

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Click here to visit the Taco Party website! 

5. FoMu

FoMu is considered one of the best vegan ice cream places in Boston. They have a wide-ranging variety of vegan ice cream flavors definitely worth trying! A few of there best-selling flavors are Salted Caramel, Chocolate Pudding, and Bourbon Maple Walnut. Ordering online is also available to see the variety of amazing flavors FoMu has.


FoMu has a variety of locations in Boston: 481 Cambridge St,617 Centre St, 655 Tremont St. Boston, and 140 Brookline Ave

📞: Cambridge St :(617) 903-3276

Centre St: (617) 553-2299


Tremont: (617) 982-7955

Brookline Ave: (857) 284-7229

Click here to visit the FoMu website!


Here are a few amazing vegan restaurants in Boston! Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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