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5 of the Best Vegan Cheese Brands Every Cheese Lover Would Enjoy

Vegan Cheese provides a way for cheese lovers to get that cheesy experience with ethical, environmental, and health benefits! Here are 5 vegan cheese brands that will taste amazing and would make a big impact on you and the world! 

1. Miyoko’s Creamery

I wanted to start with the best-tasting Vegan Cheese first! This particular brand has the absolute best flavor in comparison to the other Vegan Cheeses I tried. And the reason why is because of the meticulous crafting behind the production of these foods. The company makes sure that its products are properly cultured and they use organic ingredients! The base ingredients can range from cashews to oat milk to chickpeas. These might sound like crazy things to use for cheese production but trust me… they are there for a reason! 

There are also many styles of cheese you can choose from. These include mozzarella, cheddar cheese sticks, winter truffle artisan cheese wheels, and many more! My personal favorite is their sliced pepper jack! So if you are a person who loves to try a charcuterie of different flavors, Miyoko has got your back!

One thing to note is that they are quite handsomely priced since they are more on the upscale side of the market. This would make sense since these vegan cheeses look (and even taste) like sumptuous cheeses imported from Europe. However, they got some of the best flavors in terms of dairy-free cheese, making these products worth every penny! 

2. Daiya

I can argue that this particular brand is one of the most accessible ones! You can find this vegan cheese in most stores; which include local grocery stores and big retailers. So if you are not sure where to go, you would most likely find Daiya cheese no matter your destination! You can even find them in Wal-Mart! So if you are shopping for dairy-free delicacies on a budget, Daiya can negotiate for a reasonable price!

This has also been one of the most widely uses vegan cheeses in restaurants. So if you are enjoying a delicious vegan cheeseburger at your favorite vegan establishment, chances are the cheese comes from Daiya! I was so shocked to hear the number of times I encountered a Daiya brand product in different vegan meals I ordered. 

Flavorwise? Absolutely delicious! There is a reason why this vegan cheese is so popular. If it weren’t tasty enough, not many restaurants and grocery stores would want it. And plus it’s a little more on the affordable side, so grab some Daiya cheese and see what so many people and establishments are raving about! 

3. Follow Your Heart

I would like to argue that Follow Your Heart wins the award for the absolute cutest brand name! The name is meant to signify the ethical impact of this brand. Vegans care for the well-being of animals usually impacted by the meat and dairy industry; thus, they are following their hearts! 

Like Daiya, Follow Your Heart is also pretty popular! This vegan cheese brand has collaborated with many grocery stores and restaurants so Follow Your Heart also wins the accessibility points! I have also had plenty of experiences eating dishes from vegan restaurants and then finding out that they use the Follow Your Heart brand! I would rank it as the number two most accessible vegan cheese (at least according to my own personal experiences). 

And like Miyoko’s, Follow Your Heart offers multiple styles of cheeses. These include classic mozzarella, American cheese slices, and pepper jack. This company also offers products that you would rarely find in other brands, such as feta crumbles and grated parmesan. And they all taste great!

4. Violife

This vegan cheese brand may win the points for the most interesting backstory. The company started out in the gorgeous Mediterranean city of Thessalonica, Greece. It was a massive hit in Europe and other parts of the world. And then not long ago, Violife has finally opened up to the US so Americans can finally taste what the rest of the universe has been rhapsodizing about! 

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The taste is absolutely incredible! Violife definitely has not only some of the best flavors out there, but the texture and experience of eating one have been said to be one of the closest to eating dairy cheese! Fans of these have also been crazy over the signature cheese pull when the food becomes all nice and melted! 

There is also a good variety of cheeses this brand offers. And it even has the rare stuff I talked about before. They have a parmesan pyramid that you can grate yourself as if you were a part of an Italian restaurant. And, most vital to their Greek background, you can buy a feta block, chop it up, and add it to your favorite salads, pizzas, etc. 

5. Field Roast/Chao

Like Miyoko’s, this vegan cheese brand is artisanal and properly cultured! So you would definitely feel luxurious when taking a bite of these cheeses. The company also uses crazy ingredients to innovate on these vegan cheeses. The most apparent one is tofu. Tofu plays a big part in the veg community as it is used for almost anything: mock meats, smoothies, sauces, etc. So why not put it into work for vegan cheese production?

These goods can also be found in various grocery stores. And the biggest deal with this fact is that it’s even sold in Wal-Mart! So if you want to indulge in some handcrafted vegan cheese, you don’t have to drive all the way to Whole Foods to access it! Even Miyoko’s is not available in Wal-Mart stores!

Taste is obviously amazing! The tofu did wonders to this product! However, for people who are not fans of coconut flavors, there is a slight taste of coconut in these vegan cheeses as coconut oil is one of the primary ingredients. 

Are you down to try any of these Vegan Cheese Brands? If so, let us know which Vegan Cheese brands caught your attention!

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