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10 Best Types Of Online Streams To Watch For Background Noise

10 Best Types Of Online Streams To Watch For Background Noise


Few things in this life are more satisfying than getting in an excellent working headspace where you find yourself being productive, organized, and on track. However, it can be challenging to find that little peace of mind if you’re not used to slipping into it habitually. One right way that has been scientifically proven to help people engage in the work is to have some background noise in their environment so that they can drown out all kinds of secondary noise, and stay on task. So, to help you out, here are some types of background study noise that you can watch or listen to to help you out.


This background study noise is certainly not going to be for everyone. While some people use these videos and online streams to relax and get into a calm, almost meditative state, others find the videos creepy and unsettling. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, while many people describe as feeling pleasant tingles running up and down one’s back. Many equate it to shivers or goosebumps that you get when you hear the sound of rain, or when someone blows on the back of your neck. Though not for everyone, it’s inherently quiet nature, and non-descript format can make for some excellent background study music. So if you haven’t tried it before, keep an open mind and give it a go.


Another relaxing bit of background study music that has been especially popular within the last few years is lofi music. After riding to popularity by youtube channels such as chilled cow, this style of music features jazz-like slow and smooth rhythms interlaced with modern-day harmonies. This music creates both an evocative feeling of vintage nostalgia, alongside a new age beat that is engaging without being distracting. Not only that, but there are tons of variations of lofi that makes it easy for a person to find the type that’s exactly right for them. So if you’re looking for some new beats to listen to as you crack open those books or open an original word document, give lofi a try.

Video games

Sometimes music just doesn’t put you in the right headspace to help you sit down and focus. Sometimes instead, you need a little bit of variation to keep things interesting, so your mind doesn’t wander too much. Something that is still easy to listen to has an engagement that is nice to follow around but isn’t too hard to drown out when you get into the zone. Something that has a ton of different variations and style to it, while still being the same reliable medium. Well, if all of those things are something that you’re looking for, then video game streams might be right for you.


Another unique medium for listening to background study music that you can easily find are podcasts. I’m personally a big advocate for the dungeons and dragons podcasts that exists online. Not only are they a fun and engaging game that I’ve fallen in love with, but they also have unique and mind-blowing story elements that are great for when you need a little spice to shake you from the monotony just a bit. But my nerdy interests aren’t the only kind of podcast out there. There’s true crime, ghost stories, cooking podcasts, reading podcasts, movie reviews, and so much more out there. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, try giving it a go.

10 Best Types Of Online Streams To Watch For Background Noise


Another classic background study noise that many people rely on is your favorite Netflix show. Now, this doesn’t even have to be from Netflix. Hulu, amazon prime, Disney plus, any streaming service that you can think of will do. And it doesn’t have to be a good show either. Finding a lightly exciting show that you like to listen to, but don’t necessarily engage in too much can be just as good for your study habits than something that requires a high amount of thought that you enjoy.

Crafting Channels

There is a lovely array of crafting channels on youtube by now that makes it enjoyable to have as a bit of background study noise. From mostly silent sculpting, all the way to in-depth bob ross step by step tutorials, these channels are great for if you have a soft spot for creating things. Watching things come together in a satisfying way to help ease any unnecessary tension out of your workday as you try to get everything done in a peaceful and calming manner. Not only that, but they can also be a great way to track your progress if you keep a playlist for yourself as you work. Come up with a few ideas for your hobbies while getting work done, it’s a win-win.

Cooking Videos

Another great source of background study noise that many people gravitate towards can be cooking videos. Whether it’s your essential BuzzFeed “tasty” videos, which show you have to do “cooking hacks” and other such things, or professional bakers and chocolatiers divulging all their culinary prowess and secrets on how to make the perfect gingerbread house. Either way, many cooking videos create a relaxing, homey sort of atmosphere that allows you to breathe and relax. Not only that, but you may find yourself getting a few ideas for lunch and dinner as you work.

10 Best Types Of Online Streams To Watch For Background Noise

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Nature Documentary

Is there anything better than the harmonious and relaxing sounds of nature? From cute puppies learning how to walk to the glorious and respectable lions stalking their prey, or even just listening to the music of a single stream as it passes through underneath a clear forest canopy. Listening to the sounds of nature are not only relaxing, but they can also be very energizing for those who find they work best in a park or other natural environment to keep their head clear from distractions as they work. So the next time you find yourself struggling, try turning on the nature channel for some background serenity.

10 Best Types Of Online Streams To Watch For Background Noise

Audio Books

Audiobooks have an interesting dynamic within the world of background study noise. This is because sometimes the thing you are supposed to be doing is reading the book that you are observing. Of course, if you struggle with focusing on reading without being able to see or hear what is going on in front of you, then this is the perfect solution for you. Not only can you follow along in the book, but you can also listen to the words as they are being said to you, right from the page. If you’ve never read and heard along, I would highly recommend it.


Last on this list is meditation, now you might be wondering why meditation put on a list where you’re supposed to be focusing on something else? Isn’t meditation about clearing your mind and helping you fall asleep? Well, yes and no. Being able to listen to some meditation practice while you study is an excellent practice because as you study, the more focused you become. Over time you will associate getting into a meditative state with a level of focus. So by training yourself while you work, it will become easier for you to work overtime.

10 Best Types Of Online Streams To Watch For Background Noise

Do you have anything you like to listen to your background study noise? Is there anything that we left out? Comment down below and let us know! 

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