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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

With cable being slowly overcome by streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, more people turn to streaming devices to maximizing their viewer experience on the TV. Just like the streaming service you commit to, the streaming device you choose to purchase is important. That’s why I’ll show you the best streaming devices you can get to turn your TV into a Smart TV!

Amazon Firestick

Starting off our list is the most powerful media device on the market, the Amazon Firestick. Amazon are a powerhouse when it comes to streaming (Alexa, Amazon Prime Video, etc), so it is no surprise they dominate the media streaming market as well.

Due to it an Amazon device, it comes with Alexa voice commands installed, so you don’t even need the remote to use it. The stick allows for high quality picture up to 4k, along with surround sound systems, all adding to the enjoyment and user comfort.

The possibilities are endless, and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, it gets even better (with all the movie, TV, and music benefits that come with the subscription).

Also, don’t forget how affordable the device is!

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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

Roku Stick

Roku is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the streaming devices industry. Roku is famous for its easy to understand user interface, making streaming services like Netflix (with great user interface) on the same level with those like Hulu (whose user interface is more confusing).

The video quality is great, and the remote controls your TV volume as well, which is always a plus. The only downside is the voice command is not quite as good as that of the Amazon Fire Stick and similar competition.

However, with it being affordable as well as easy to use, the Roku stick is definitely worth checking out.

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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

Google Chromecast 

Google’s Chromecast is no stranger to streaming on a TV. It’s unique in it’s own way, and provides a viewing experience with the most ease out of all its competition.

The Chromecast allows you to use your phone as a remote, keeping your total convenience as a user as a priority. Keep in mind, you can tab out of the app and use your phone normally as you watch the TV.

When hooked to your phone, the Chromecast also allows you to use google apps on the TV such as Photos, and the voice command “Ok Google”.

Connecting the device to your phone is extremely simple and seamless, especially after setup. The Chromecast doesn’t come with a remote (since you use your phone), so you never have to worry about losing it or batteries. dying.

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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

Apple TV 

Apple needs no introduction at all. Similar to their other devices (mac, iPad), the Apple TV is made with the best possible user experience, enjoyment, and entertainment in mind. Keep in mind though, that it is much more expensive than the other streaming devices on our list. If that is not a matter to you, then surely keep reading.

Apple is famous for how compatible all their devices, and the Apple TV is no exception. It’s compatible with any Apple device, whether it’s an Iphone, Mac, or otherwise. The user interface is very easy to use, and it allows a wide variety of third party apps.

All that being said though, unless you’re a really big fan of Apple and their products, the price point cannot really be justified, when the other streaming devices listed above are a fraction of the price and are in fact, better.

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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

Amazon Fire TV Cube

This is yet another masterpiece from Amazon in the world of streaming devices. While on the pricey side, the Amazon Fire TV Cube, similar to the Apple TV, is well worth the money. This device works even better if you have a smart home, as there are numerous unique Alexa features you can perform with it. You can tell her to turn off the lights, and then put on your favorite show within the blink of an eye!

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With the Fire TV Cube, user convenience is key. The speaking range is very far, and the built in speakers allow for you to use the device however you want.

There are countless apps available, you can even browse Facebook and Reddit through the device if you would like. The only potential downside here is the price, as you can get the previously mentioned Fire Stick for much cheaper. However, if price is not a problem for you, you will absolutely love this device!


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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

Nvidia Shield Android TV

If you are interested in video games, or streaming video games, this is the perfect streaming device for you! The Nvidia Shield comes is a very compact yet attractive device, and has all the apps you can possibly need to get maximum entertainment. The easy to use interface is one of its best features, allowing you to easily browse through any apps you would like.

The device has great gaming abilities and supports up to 4k videos (on Netflix, Hulu, etc). While some other streaming devices allow for gaming (like the Apple TV), what you can actually play on them do not come close to the Nvidia Shield. 

Just like with all other devices, the Nvidia Shield has its downsides. There are only a few though, one downside being is the hefty price. At $199+, the Shield is more expensive than any other streaming device on our list, and you should only get it if you are a big gaming fan, or if you need the 4k display.

Keep in mind that there are only 16gb of storage on the device, so you cannot save that many games on it. Other than those two, the Nvidia Shield is near perfect! Check it out below!

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Best TV Streaming Device To Turn Your TV To A Smart TV

That’s our list for the best streaming devices you can purchase to transform your TV into a Smart TV. Let us know in the comments which streaming device you plan on getting, and why!

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