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10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

As most couples know, not every date night has to involve a night out to dinner, a walk through the mall or a drive around the town. Sometimes, the greatest date nights can be spent right a home sitting or laying in front of the TV set enjoying some of your favorite shows.

Well, maybe you’ve already binged through your favorites once or twice, but luckily I’ve got you covered on some (hopefully) great new show recommendations for you and your boo to tune in to. So with that, here are 10 of the best TV shows you should watch with your significant other!

1. The Office

Picture a job full of countless workplace pranks, constant coworker gossip and low-key hook ups that turn into undercover relationships. All of that is just another day in the office for the paper salesmen at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company.

The Office is one of the best TV shows if you’re looking for not just a good, but a great laugh. Based off of an award-winning British comedy under the same name, the series offers whole new shenanigans to the work room every episode that will have you and your significant teary eyed from laughing way too hard!

10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

2. Criminal Minds

If you and your boo are interested in learning what goes through the mind of a criminal, this show is one you’re going to watch to start binge watching.

Criminal Minds is a drama series that follows a group of FBI agents that work as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). These agents then attempt to locate the criminal and find their motive using their behavioral analysis and profiling of the criminal. This is one of the best TV shows for interesting insight on how crime units solve cases and is well worth the watch for you and your partner.

3. Black Mirror

A sci-fi series that feels scary real, Black Mirror is a show you and your lover won’t help but be drawn to.

Each episode contains real world, everyday situations acted out by seemingly less known actors, but follow realistic fiction plots with a lot of technology usage (the sci-fi part). There are strong, dark story lines and almost always a powerful ending that will have you and your partner asking questions long after the end credits roll.

Bottom line, Black Mirror is one of the best TV shows out there for both of you to watch and be wowed by together!

10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

4. All American

It’s not anything new when a football star chooses to transfer schools for more exposure for a potential DI college scholarship, but when Spencer James leaves his high school in his hometown of Los Angeles to join a Beverly Hills powerhouse that happened to be his former school’s biggest rival, it was of course a very big deal.

All American covers Spencer’s struggle balancing his lives between the hills and the city, his childhood friends turned gridiron rivals and his adjusting to the lifestyle in Beverly Hills, as well as the lives of many other characters throughout the story. This show is compelling and will have you and your boo hooked right from the first episode!

5. Breaking Bad

What would you do if you only had a few years left to live?

When faced with this reality, Walter White decided that, in order to provide financial security for his family long after he was gone, he would enter the drug game.

Breaking Bad is a show that follows Walter’s fearless rise from chemistry teacher to an underground drug lord.

This show is full of drama and action, and if that’s your (or your partner’s) cup of tea, this is one of the best TV shows to turn on.

10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

6. Stranger Things

I’m sure you or your significant other are into supernatural, paranormal or any other abnormal activity. If not, that’s cool, too. I’m sure you’ll still find this show pretty fascinating.

Stranger Things takes supernatural activity to the next level. Many giant, freakish looking creatures emerge in a small town in Indiana that teenagers of all people fend off to protect themselves and their friends.

This is a spooky, attention grabbing sci-fi thriller that will have you spooked cuddling up with your significant other! 

7. Futurama

A comedic animated series staring a man living 1000 years into the future, Futurama is another one of the best TV shows you and your partner should watch!

After accidentally stumbling into a time machine during a pizza delivery on New Year’s Eve, Fry finds himself 1000 years into the future in a mind blowing metropolis. He meets a cyclops alien (Leela), befriends a robot (Bender), and meets a distant nephew who works as a professor (the professor) who he’ll eventually work for as a galaxy traveling delivery boy along with his aforementioned partners.

If you want to know what the future holds, tune in to Futurama!

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10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

8. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a show that is as simple to explain as the title implies.

A series of individual horror story episodes that you can binge from any starting point, this is another TV show that you should watch with your lover for a good scare!

9. Game Of Thrones

If you’re looking for something rather lengthy to watch with your bae, this right here is one of the best shows for your long term binge!

Game Of Thrones is a story with several different plots surrounding seven different kingdoms, so you’ll have plenty to learn and be entertained by. Plenty of drama surrounding kings and their heirs, armies within each kingdom, an approaching winter and royal relationships just to name a very slim few of the things going on here.

This is just a scratch on the surface of just how deep this show gets. You and your significant other will love Game Of Thrones!

10 Best TV Shows To Watch With Your SO

10. Shameless

I’ve given some pure comedies on this list, and I’ve shared some down right drama filled shows as well. Here’s a show with a handful of both.

Shameless is about a rather poor and very dysfunctional family of six children who are “raised” by one father: Frank Gallagher, a big time alcoholic who spends a decent portion of his time finding new ways to get himself into trouble.

This show is the definition of unfiltered and uncut, and if you live life with no filter, or are interested in seeing exactly where Shameless gets its title from, make this show you and your partner’s next binge.

There are so many TV shows out there, but when it comes to the top tier shows that you’ll be talking about for awhile after with your significant other, these are 10 of the best to choose from. Take a spot on the couch, grab a big bowl of popcorn and begin your dive into any one of these great TV series!

Which of these TV shows do you and your SO enjoy the most? Is there another TV show out there that couples should watch? List your reviews and recommendations in the comments below!

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