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10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine

10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine

During this time on what we like to call “social distancing”, watching television has become our new favorite activity when we are staying indoors.  Lucky for us, we have Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix since they have a variety of television shows in order to keep us entertained until all this chaotic situation is gone for good. We all need something to make us laugh when we are stressed from the day. We need to get caught up on what is happening in the plot.

So the question remains, what are the best television shows to watch in a quarantine state of mind? 

Well, I have the answer for you: Here are the 10 best TV shows to watch in quarantine. 


1.  New Girl (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #1)

If you are looking for a show that will make you laugh so loud until you cry, then this show is the one to watch for you. This show follows five friends — Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece — attempting to find their respective places in the world, while begrudgingly accepting the responsibilities of adulthood – with often hilarious results. Zooey Deschanel is hilarious as Jess – and with an ensemble cast that has their own hilarious moments throughout the seasons, you will never get enough of this show. 

new girl

2. Riverdale (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #2)

If you are looking for a little bit of mystery and suspense, this TV show is the one to watch for you. This television series is based on the Archie Comics, which your parents or grandparents may have known of or watched during their childhood years. This show surrounds the navigation of the troubled waters revolving around romance, school and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in dark Riverdale mysteries. Plus, Cole Sprouse plays Jughead Jones in this show – so all you Suite Life fans, tune in if you want to see Cody Martin all grown up. 



3. American Housewife (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #3)

I’ll be honest with you here – I really just started to watch this show recently. Let me tell you, it was one of the best choices I ever made. If you are looking for a show a la Full House or Family Matters, this is the show for you. This show surrounds a wife and mother of three raises her family among the seemingly perfect families in a wealthy town. If you are in dire need of a LOL worthy show with lots of drama and comedy – this is the show for you.  

american housewife


4. Judge Judy (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #4)

Before you all say anything – yes, I know that this show is an outlier in my list of show selections. However, if you need to watch a show that has a person who tells the lessons how it is, than this show is the one for you.  This show is is an American arbitration-based reality court show presided over by Judy Sheindlin, a retired Manhattan family court judge. The show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claim disputes within a simulated courtroom set. If you and your family want to start up a conversation about what is going on within our world today, than this show is the one to watch for you. 

judge judy

5. Glee (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #5)

Are you a very musical type of person? Feel the urge to sing your favorite songs in front of a crowd? If you said yes to any of these two questions, then Glee is the show for you.  This show is an American musical-style comedy-drama series that surrounds a group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club. With songs to please both the aspiring Broadway star and the regular music listener, there is a little bit of everything for every single person to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hairbrushes and sing your little heart out, superstar!



6. The Bachelor/Bachelorette (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #6)

This show is on everyone’s list both to tape the night of airing and the topic of conversation the very next day. So if feisty drama, hot men, and over the top acting women are on the top of your list, then this show is the one to watch for you. The Bachelor surrounds an eligible bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks in hopes of finding true love. However, on the other hand – The Bachelorette is about a woman meeting a good number of men and trying to narrow them down to one who could steal her heart. There is so much tea to spill and trying to catch it all at once is difficult – who knew that? Plus, if you are the biggest Bachelor/Bachelorette fan – catch the many spinoffs that they have. There is a lot more drama there. 

the bachelor


the bachelorette

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7. The Politician (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #7)

Want to watch a show that is both heartbreaking and funny? Want to learn more about the political world? Look no further, this show is the perfect one to watch for you. The show surrounds protagonist Payton Hobart, a student from Santa Barbara, has known since age seven that he’s going to be President of the United States. But first he’ll have to navigate the most treacherous political landscape of all: Saint Sebastian High School. Plus, this is the perfect show to watch if you want to hear Ben Platt sing like an angel – because let’s be real here, you obviously could not get enough of him singing in Dear Evan Hansen. 


the politician

8. Katy Keene (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #8)

Want even more singing, mystery, and full-blown drama? Then this show is the one for you! Katy Keene is an American musical comedy-drama television series developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi (like Riverdale). It is based on the Archie Comics character of the same name. It chronicles the origins and struggles of four aspiring artists trying to attain successful careers on Broadway, on the runway, and in the recording studio. Katy Keene is a spin-off of Riverdale, and takes place five years after the events of the former. Plus, Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars, the show we all know and love) is in it, so there is no reason as to why you should tune into this awesome television show. 

katy keene


9. The Price Is Right (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #9)

Again, before you begin to say anything about this pick as a part of my show selection – like Judge Judy, I do know that it is an outlier as a part of my show selection. But who does not fantasize about winning all of those cool prizes? You know I do! The Price Is Right is an American television game show created by Bob Stewart, Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. The show revolves around contestants competing by identifying accurate pricing of merchandise to win cash and prizes. Contestants are selected from the studio audience when the announcer states the show’s famous catchphrase, “Come on down!” Well, what are you waiting for? Come on down to watch this really fun game show! 

the price is right

10. Nancy Drew (10 Best TV Shows To Watch in Quarantine #10)

Ladies, do you remember when you were little and wanted to become an investigator like Nancy Drew? You know I do! Nancy Drew is an American mystery drama television series based on the series of mystery novels about the titular character. The series was adapted for The CW by Noga Landau, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and is produced by CBS Television Studios, in association with Fake Empire. The series is narrated and led by the amateur sleuth Nancy Drew, played by Kennedy McMann, and features an ensemble cast with re-imagined versions of the characters from the books: Leah Lewis as George Fan, Maddison Jaizani as Bess Marvin, Tunji Kasim as Ned Nickerson and Scott Wolf as Carson Drew. It also stars Alex Saxon, Alvina August and Riley Smith as new characters invented for the series. Are you ready for a mystery filled ride? If you are, hop right in! 


nancy drew

Which one of these 10 best TV shows are you going to watch in quarantine? Which shows are you already watching? Which shows do you hope to watch? Which shows would you highly recommend for others to watch in this quarantine journey? Sound off in the comments below!

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