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The 10 Best TV Shows To Binge Watch Over Winter Break

The 10 Best TV Shows To Binge Watch Over Winter Break

The best TV shows to binge watch are on Netflix and HBO. Black Mirror is one of the best Netflix shows to binge watch over break that you'll love.

College can be ROUGH. From balancing your dreadful finals, celebrating our social lives, to trying to keep somewhat healthy, we all needed this well deserved break to just sit back and let our troubles float away. What better way to do that than finally getting to watch that raved about TV show that you just didn’t have time for during the semester?   Here to help your searching endeavors for the perfect show to binge watch this break is a list, in no particular order, of 10 of the hottest and top notch series that you should be watching! Here’s the best TV shows to binge watch!

Number one: Game of Thrones

Life is simply better knowing the adventurous, passionate, and cut-throat tales of the house rivals of Westeros.  This medieval fantasy portrays a fatal scheme where everyone with a sense of power is fighting for the Iron Throne – ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.  From love, sex, blood, war, lies, and honesty, this otherworldly series will keeping you begging for more as you figure out this puzzling plot.  Even if you don’t think you’ll like this HBO series, trust me,  you’ll be totally obsessed with it. #TEAMSTARKImage result for game of thrones

 Number two: Breaking Bad

When high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, is diagnosed with cancer, he resorts to making and selling crystal meth to make sure his family is supported when he’s gone.  This clever series will have you shocked with a gaping jaw as a simple father and his witty right hand man take over the drug world.  If your looking for a smart yet unhinged and extremely addictive series, I highly recommend meeting the infamous Walter White. This is one of the best TV shows to binge watch repeatedly!Image result for breaking bad


Number three: 13 Reasons Why

Some of the hottest teen series out there right now are Stranger Things, Riverdale, and of course 13 Reasons Why, based off the hit book.  When a high school girl, Hannah Baker, commits suicide, she leaves tape recordings to 13 people who all play a part in her death explaining why they led her to her ultimate fate.  When Clay Jensen gets the recording, he can’t figure out why.  What did he do wrong?  Why was he part of her death? As secrets come out and truths unfold, Clay seeks justice for Hannah Baker.Image result for 13 reasons why

Number four: The Gilmore Girls

This mother-daughter series teaches life lessons as we follow the stories of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in their quaint little town of Stars-hollow and how they transform through life.  This witty and light series centers around family, friendship, and forming relationships that will fill you happiness and joy while rooting for your favorite characters.  This lovable show is a must see!Image result for gilmore girls

Number five: The Office

If your not watching The Office by now, you’re seriously missing out.  This weird and quirky yet hilarious series will keep you addicted to the eccentric characters of the show.  Michael Scott’s iconic goofiness is addicting and makes you wonder, are there really people in the world like this and how do I find them?  If you’re looking for a good laugh, watch this show.  Trust me, you will not regret it. #Ain’tNoPartyLikeAScrantonPartyRelated image


Number six: Stranger Things

This top grossing series developed by Netflix is being raved about EVERYWHERE.  Literally everyone is obsessed with this show and you should be too! When little Will goes missing, secrets of mystery, the supernatural, and government confidentialities start to unravel when an extraordinary young girl appears in the small Indiana town set back in the 80’s. Season two is out! Get started now!Image result for stranger things

Number seven: Chef’s Table

This documentary series is legitimate food porn.  It’s a must watch for Netflix lovers.  I know there is the stereotype of documentaries being nothing but a bore, but this show couldn’t be anymore opposite from that.  The show films a different chef every episode and you learn about their story and what makes them an amazing chef as they display their food creations in a very artistic, traditional, and visioned way.  This show will make you hungry just thinking about it!  The series is truly inspiring and perfectly displays the love of food!  As your waiting for season 4 to arrive, start watching Chef’s Table: France to hold you over.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be a chef by the time your finished this wondrous series!Related image

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Number eight: Black Mirror

This British series is a modern version of “The Twilight Zone”.  If your into a dark, twisted, sarcastic, and keen drama, this is the show for you.  This troubling show combines different stories of people and their relationship to the modern world of technology as it plays out its disturbing outcomes.Related image

Number nine: New Girl

If you love shows like The Office, Grace and Frankie, or How I Met Your Mother, you are sure to love this quirky lovable tale of a girl, Jess, who moves into an apartment with 3 unconventional and personable guys.  Go on their adventures and watch this wacky, hysterical, and endearing series of finding love, creating friendships, and forming a family.  Your going to be wishing you lived in that apartment complex playing True American with these hilarious oddballs.  It inspires you to go find some fun of your own!Image result for new girl true american

Number ten: The Walking Dead

So ya like gore, huh?  Well then this is without a doubt the show for you.  Main character Rick Grimes joins forces with valuable people to help survive the disease outbreak that turns their oh so normal lives into a zombie apocalypse.  But the zombies may not be his biggest problem.  Let’s just say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. #CARLLLLLImage result for the walking dead

Let us know what you think about the best TV shows to binge watch in the comments below!
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