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The Best TV Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch Right Now

The Best TV Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch Right Now

The best TV shows on Netflix that you need to watch right now! These Netflix TV shows, old and new, are all amazing and the best ones to bingewatch!

Since Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife and even The Vampire Diaries have all finished off this past year, you’ll need something new to obsess over. Below are the best TV shows on Netflix, old and new, you need to watch now!

If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon for these older shows, what are you waiting for?!

1) Supernatural

I promise this is not a horror show, Sam and Dean are just saving people, hunting things, ya know, the family business. The show is already on season 12 so you have some catching up to do!

2) The Walking Dead

Zombies. Need I say more? The show is currently airing season 7.


3) Grey’s Anatomy

The dramatic medical show is in the middle of its 13th season, so if it’s lasted this long, it must be good! Meredith Grey reveals her life at Seattle Grace Hospital.


4) Orange Is The New Black

A comedy-drama surrounding women in prison, now on its fourth season. Piper Chapman faces 15 months for an old crime of association with a drug dealer.

5) How to Get Away With Murder

The title gives you a fair synopsis, as Viola Davis’s character Annalise Keating teaches a class in defense law, using her best and brightest in her own firm. 


6) Scandal

This political thriller stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope who manages her own crisis management firm. The White House drama among personal drama for the character create a thrilling show!


7) Shameless

This British remake is set in Chicago, as the Gallagher family struggles with an alcoholic father, leaving the kids to keep themselves in order.



Newer Shows To Watch On Netflix:

1) Stranger Things

Set back in the 80’s, a boy goes missing while the town discovers classified experiments and supernatural forces. You might need a buddy to cozy up with to watch this one!

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2) The Flash

As Marvel is dominating films, DC released this show and has more success with TV. This ordinary police scientist discovers his extraordinary fast ability after being struck by lightning.

3) Narcos

The crime show explores the work of Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Having only two seasons so far, the Netflix Original Series offers entertainment surrounding a more serious topic.


Maybe You Would Rather Re-Watch a Comfort Show:

1) The X-Files

Need a fix for Mulder and Scully’s supernatural-solving FBI skills? Maybe you have never seen the show to begin with, but it would be nice to understand why the two are referenced in so many other flicks! Definitely an oldie, but also one of the best TV shows on Netflix!

2) Friends

Who doesn’t want to go back to watch just for Chandler’s jokes alone? I guarantee Friends will always brighten your day.



Are there any more best TV shows on Netflix that should be on this list? Share your opinion below!
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