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The 12 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Binge-Watch

The 12 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Binge-Watch

The best TV shows on Netflix that you should be watching right now! These are the best Netflix shows to binge-watch and will soon become your favorites!

Whether you are Netflix and chilling, or just looking for some entertaining shows, here is a bucket list of must-watch TV shows on Netflix! This list includes everything from drama and mystery to some of the most hilarious shows you need to see! So get comfy and get ready to dive into a new show. Below, in no particular order, are the 12 best TV shows on Netflix to binge-watch!

1) Shameless

Shameless never disappoints for a good laugh. Or just some reassurance that your life could be way worse!

2) Stranger Things

This sci-fi mystery about the disappearance of a young boy during monstrous times will be a sure bingewatch.


3) The Office

A classic. The humor and story lines of the workers of Dunder-Mifflin will capture your hearts.

4) Grey’s Anatomy

This drama about the lives of interns becoming residents is captivating. You will cry every episode, but you will love it!

5) Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The crew’s screwed up humor will have you peeing your pants.


6) Making a Murderer

If you’re a fan of criminal documentaries, this one if for you.

7) How to Get Away with Murder

Speaking of murders, Viola Davis is the lead in this drama that has fans coming back for more.

8) Orange is the New Black

Amazing. Inappropriate. A must watch.

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9) Prison Break

Two brothers. One has been falsely imprisoned for murder… watch to find out more!

10) House of Cards

This is for viewers interested in political dramas, government corruption (and Kevin Spacey!) Definitely would recommend.


11) The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

From what I hear, everyone loves this show. I mean how could you not when it is based on one of the most prominent American court cases EVER. I mean if the glove fits…

12) Breaking Bad

Nothing describes family loyalty more than selling drugs to support your family before your inevitable death.

Are there any more best TV shows on Netflix that should be on this list? Share your opinion below!
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