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The Best Trending Couple Memes You Need To See

The Best Trending Couple Memes You Need To See

Take a look at these trending couple memes. They are cute, funny and full of love. They represent many different phases of being in a relationship.

Couples are adorable. They are feisty. They have passion. They have rules. There’s always something going on with them, be it drama, or something else. And you can always get a laugh at what they’re going through by checking out the memes being posted on social media. Here are some trending couple memes!

A Hug, A Kiss, A Text

An adorable couple meme describing what different affections represent. When you have those tender interactions with your S.O. you often wonder “what do you need from me” or “do you want me.” Well this meme, a revision of the “A hug means I need you, A kiss means I love, A call means I miss you” quote, depicts a couple showing just what each affection is for.

Mention Someone

This is a popular couple meme on FaceBook. You’ll find posts like this when someone’s trying to grab the attention of their mate. It’s like a test. You post the meme and wait for your S.O. to say it’s you they can’t do without. Modern P.D.A. at its best. You’ll also learn who all of your friends are crushing on a.t.m. because they’ll likely comment on the post as well. This is one of the best trending couple memes!

I ❤ 🍕

This meme is a really funny “be like” one. Couples “be like” that, and I “be like” this. It can be found on Facebook too, showing a girl making fun of couples who display a little too much public affection for their friends to bear. You love each other? Well I love food. Food is love, food is life. I’ve heard enough about your relationship. Funny.

A Real Boyfriend

Similar to the couple meme explaining what kisses and hugs represent, this “Real Boyfriend” meme shows how to tell if your boyfriend truly loves you. Remember these aren’t things to live by. Jealousy and overprotectiveness isn’t always a sign of love 😒. It is a cute meme otherwise. When you notice those adorable things he’s doing you’ll realize that he does like you a lot. This is one of the best trending couple memes!

The Good Type Of Jealousy

Here’s a couple meme showing what I call “The Good Type Of Jealousy.” People think it’s good because you’re defending your territory. But in reality you shouldn’t have to worry about that stuff. All jealousy is bad. But it’s still a cute form of P.D.A. that shows how much you love your boo.

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Make Him Addicted

More sassy moves. I’m sure we can all think of put outs that get our men addicted. If you’re not making him obsessed with you, you’re doing it right. This couples meme has it right. If you don’t know how, you need to learn, if you want to keep your man. Found this one on Pinterest under relationships. This is one of the best trending couple memes!

The Most Important

What’s the most important quality of a relationship for you? That’s what this couple meme asks. You can find this one posted on social media sites like FaceBook. Post it yourself to see what you friends or maybe even your S.O. thinks is most important in a relationship. They’re all pretty important if you ask me, but if I had to pick one over the others…I’d go with #3.

Future Husband

End of the line with this one. Ever go to a wedding and wonder what the groom is feeling? Or why he has that blank stare on his face? If you love someone enough to marry them and you know they love you back, how would you expect them to react? I know I better see some tears if we made it that far! Find this popular meme around FaceBook. Ironically it’s just for laughs.

Trending couple memes are all over social media. Join in the fun by creating your own or commenting on the ones you see. It’s a great way to find out who’s feeling you and also to share some relationship advice.

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