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10 Best Travel Tips For Women Traveling Alone

10 Best Travel Tips For Women Traveling Alone

travel tips, 10 Best Travel Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Despite all the amazing perks of traveling, it’s still important to keep in mind safe travel tips for women traveling alone. Going abroad, seeing a new city, or exploring new areas of your town are all great ways to expand your horizons. Yet, it’s also necessary to protect yourself in the process.

Whether you’re preparing for a big trip or a small adventure, check out our 10 best travel tips for women traveling alone to make sure you stay safe.

1. Take A Self-Defense Course

Many organizations provide self-defense courses for women who are looking to learn. While normal self-defense courses are great, some are targeted specifically towards women. It can also be comforting to be learning these techniques in a single-gender environment.

If nothing else, self-defense courses can give you more confidence to travel alone. This could be especially good for those who are still nervous about taking the first steps to travel.

travel tips for women

2. Stay In Hostels

These days, a lot of traveling seems to mean finding hotels or AirBNBs where you stay alone. This can seem appealing, you have your own space. But, when traveling alone, it is smarter to stay where people will know where you are. Even if you are on the shyer side, hostels offer the chance to meet other travelers. They also often organize events.

If you’re traveling to a big city and want to go out on a weekend night, just check in with other people at your hostel. They might be able to accompany you on your adventures. This could also be safer. Are you extra nervous about traveling solo as a woman? Most hostels have services to stay in single-gender rooms.

3. Travel Tips for Women: Carry Pepper Spray

Like self-defense classes, having something on yourself to protect you can be a good idea. Even if you never use it, you will have it just in case something does happen.

For women, especially, traveling solo can come with risks. You never know what may happen. But, it’s probably a good idea to double-check what the local laws are on pepper spray. Also, you normally can’t bring it with you on a plane. This tip is probably best for domestic or local traveling.

4. Let Others Know Where You Are

This is one of the most important travel tips for women. Before leaving or making any plans, make sure you tell people where you are going. If not, no one will know if anything happens for days or even weeks. 

Fortunately, this is an easy step to take. Tell a family member or friend where you’re planning on going and the people with whom you’ll be staying. It’s also a good idea to give them addresses and names. Try also to set up a check-in schedule, so they’ll know if anything is up when you miss a call.

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5. Don’t Invite Strangers To Hotel Rooms or AirBNBs

If you are staying alone, do not tell random people where you are staying. Even if you think the person seems fairly trustworthy, this could be dangerous. You never can truly read a person from the first meeting, so it’s best to err on the safe side.

Another one of the most important travel tips for women, keep your travel plans private. Even if you meet someone who seems really great, your first priority needs to be protecting yourself.

6. Likewise, Do Not Go Home With Strangers

Just like you wouldn’t invite random people into your hotel room or AirBNB, do not go home with people you just met. When traveling alone, it’s better to stay out in public and do joint activities with others. This way, you won’t be isolated and put into dangerous situations.

Although some people may seem friendly at first, you can never know their true intentions. When traveling alone, you don’t have the safety net of friends to help you out. Make yourself your first priority.

7. Use Certified Transportation Services

When you call a taxi service or use Uber, make sure you’re using a certified servicing agency. Also, be sure to verify that you have the correct driver before entering the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are people who try to take advantage of confused tourists. Double-check with locals to find out the best transport companies before hopping into a car.

Also, in case there is a problem, try to have an exit plan. If you start feeling that your driver won’t get you safely to your location, figure out how you’ll get out.

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8. Check Out Local Events and Sights

Now, any list of travel tips for women wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the great things you can do while traveling alone. When traveling alone, you have so much time to devote to yourself and your own interests. Are you a music lover? Find out the best music festivals in the area or the best visiting artists. Love art? See if local museums are carrying any special exhibits.

The possibilities are endless. Even small cities often have lots of special events going on that could be a perfect fit for your interests.

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9. Organize Your Traveling Schedule

Independent traveling means you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want. With so many possibilities, it’s best to plan out your trip before leaving. Is there a particular reason you want to travel to a certain place? When figuring out your schedule, prioritize those reasons. You can go anywhere your heart desires, so don’t forget to make the most of your trip.

Scheduling out what you want to do will help you maximize your time in that place. That way, you won’t spend days walking or traveling back and forth. You’ll already know your plan, where you want to go, and what you want to see.

10. Have Fun

The most important of these travel tips for women is to have fun. Often, women learn that it’s dangerous to travel or explore alone. But men get to do this all the time. Yes, it’s true there are certain risks that women face when traveling alone. Yet, if we take steps to be cautious and careful, there’s a good chance of minimizing risk.

It’s not healthy to live life afraid of exploring and being adventurous. Despite a long history of oppression, women are finally getting the chance to live independently and travel on their own will. The world is our oyster. Wherever you choose to go, make sure you document it in journals or photos. That way, you’ll always remember the great memories made.

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Which one of these travel tips for women do you think is most important? Let us know in the comments below!

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