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10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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Instagram can be a great source of inspiration. From food to fashion Instagram is the place to look for new ideas. Of course, if you need some travel inspo Instagram’s got you covered there too. Maybe you’re looking for inspiration for your next getaway. Maybe you just want to live vicariously through someone else until you can afford an adventure of your own. Regardless of your reason there are thousands of travel Instagrammers out there. These frequent flyer accounts focus on everything from state side travel to international travel. With so many accounts to pick from it can be hard to decide which ones to follow. So, to help you out here are 10 of the most unique travel Instagram accounts you should be following.


Followers: 71k

Oneika is a travel journalist who has visited 110 countries. She is the digital host for Travel Channel and the travel expert for YourMorning show. Even though her job is reporting on her travels, she still takes time share her adventures around the world on Insta. If you scroll through her account, you’ll see that she enjoys both traveling with her others as well as solo travel. Her account also fully embraces the countries to which she travels. So, if you’re interested in being a travel journalist, this is definitely a travel Instagram account you should follow.



Followers: 856k

From beautiful beaches to remote jungles, Aggie’s Instagram account highlights all her travel adventures. Her account is filled with beautifully edited photos that will make anybody want to immediately hop on a plane. Although her account isn’t fashion oriented, you’ll even find some cute travel outfit inspiration as well. If pretty beaches and lush jungles are your type of travel destinations, then check out Aggie’s travel Instagram account.


Followers: 65k


Jessica Nabongo’s life quest is the be the 1st black woman to travel to every single country. As of right now she’s visited 142 of 195 countries. Her Instagram account is a documentation of her travel adventures. This travel Instagram account is filled with colorful picks from a variety of destinations all over the world. This is an account you should follow if you’re interested in traveling but have no idea what your destination should be.


Followers: 35k

This Instagram account is super unique because unlike most travel accounts this one is focused on food, not the destination itself. Soy’s Insta is all about the great food she enjoys in the various places that she’s traveled. You’ll find lots of Asian dishes and tacos on this account along with pretty delicious looking drinks. If your purpose for traveling is food focused, then you should check out this Instagram account.



Followers: 107k

Lee’s travel Instagram account documents her journeys to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only does her account show how she embraces the country, the food, and the culture, but also the people. Throughout her account you’ll find portraits of various people that she’s met from the countries that she’s visited. This is the account to follow if you love looking at well photographed pics of beautiful locations.


Followers: 1m


This is probably one of the most popular travel Instagram accounts and for good reasons too. Tara’s account shows off her many trips in a creative and artistic way. Every photo will definitely have you ready to board a plane and take off to one of the many locations that she’s visited. Not only does she present countries in the most Instagram worthy way, she also has the prettiest travel wardrobe. From gorgeous gowns to pretty sundresses, Tara makes traveling so fashionable.


Followers: 35k

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If you’re looking for inspiration for your next getaway with your significant other, then you need to check out this travel account on Instagram. Callie and Leo use their joint Insta to document their many trips together, both state side and international. Not only will you find great couple destinations on this account, but cute date ideas in those locations as well. So, if you and bae are struggling for ideas for your next #baecation, try taking some tips from Callie and Leo.


Followers: 560k

Li-Chi’s soft, aesthetically pleasing Insta is the perfect account to follow for some much-needed travel inspo. Li-Chi captures her travel adventures in a very unique way, leaving the viewer wanting to visit that location as well. Her account is filled with food, florals, and fun locations. Just from looking at her account, any travel lover would feel the instant need to pack their bags. She’s also another traveler with amazing style. So, whether you need destination inspo, or travel outfit ideas, Li-Chi’s Insta has it all.



Followers: 80k

Cherrie is fulfilling her wanderlust one trip at a time and documenting it all on Instagram. Looking at this travel Insta you’ll have a variety of inspiration options because it seems that Cherrie as been just about everywhere. You’ll find beautiful tropical locations as well as pretty city areas. You’ll even find cute travel outfits for any location.


Followers: 904k


Carin’s travels started in 2012 with a 4-month long trip to immerse herself in French culture. Once her 4 months was up she immediately began planning a permanent move to Paris. Her Instagram account documents her life since then. The account is filled with beautiful photos of her life in France, but also from her other adventures. Even though Carin moved to France she still travels the world and shares her trips with Insta. If you’re thinking about moving to a different country permanently or just for an extended amount of time, check out this travel account.

What are some of your favorite travel accounts on Instagram? Let us know! Comment below!
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