The 10 Best Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip

Planning your next trip? Here are the 10 best travel apps you need to download! All of the apps are currently free and available for both Android and iOS mobile devices (you can thank me later).

1) Skyscanner to find top hotel, flight, and car deals

The Skyscanner app is great for helping you book flights, hotels, and car rentals. You can receive alerts on flight price changes and compare the least expensive days and months to fly using their color-coded chart and calendar to find the deal that’s right for you.

2) PackPoint for creating and organizing your packing list

PackPoint collects weather data for the city you’re traveling to and the dates you plan to travel. It also takes into account the activities you plan on doing and creates a packing list for you. You can customize this list by typing in any additional items and swiping to the left to remove any item you may not need. Check off the items on the list you’ve made as you prepare all the essentials for your journey.

3) Mobile Passport to avoid long custom lines

You can “breeze through customs” with this handy app! Authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Mobile Passport app is a huge time saver. Input your travel and passenger information to the app. Then, take a photo of your passport and a quick snap of yourself, following the app guidelines. Present the app to Customs security and skip all the hassle of waiting in those long lines.

4) Viator to book tours in your destination city

See the sites on your bucket list with the help of Viator! Search through the different tours and packages that are offered in your destination city and book the deal that lets you experience the journey to the fullest.

5) The app of the airline you’re flying with

Most airline apps allow you to download your boarding pass to your mobile device. You also have the option of checking in from the app and staying updated on weather and travel alerts, as well as gate and terminal information. The airlines you are traveling with may also include free in-flight entertainment via their apps.

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6) Airbnb for housing accommodations

If you’ve decided not to stay in a hotel, Airbnb is the right app for you. Pick from a wide selection of houses and apartments that you can rent out for your vacation stay. This is a great alternative to expensive hotels, and definitely one of the best travel apps for accommodations!

7) Google Translate for translating signage and two-way conversations in a foreign country

If you are traveling to a foreign country and don’t know the language, this app is a must have. Locals will surely appreciate even the smallest effort to meet them half-way and attempt to communicate in their language. And while there is a good chance that you’re familiar with Google Translate, it’s worth mentioning the additional features in the app. For example, the photo translation feature allows you to take a photo of any text (including street signage) and have it translated into your desired language. The two-way speech translating feature is yet another great aspect, enabling you to have a live conversation with a speaker of a different language.

8) Google Maps to navigate around the city or country

Even if your Wi-Fi is spotty, Google Maps lets you save maps offline and access them whenever you need to. Especially if you are driving in a city you’re unfamiliar with, this app will be a life saver by getting you where you need to go without the worry of getting lost.

9) Citymapper to explore the city using public transportation

Citymapper is another navigation app, but it is most useful for travelers who prefer exploring the city by way of public transportation. Based on your location or a list of major cities around the world to choose from, it provides users with a real-time city map, different transportation methods, fare amounts for transportation, and a list of  departure times, delays, and estimated times of arrival. This is one of the best travel apps for public transit commuters!

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10) Guides to decide what to do when you get to your destination

This helpful app gives you access to downloadable city guides to use on and offline wherever you are. These guides include listed and mapped top choices on where to eat, shop, drink, and play (i.e. theaters, clubs, etc.). Some of the city options from around the world are Athens, Florence, Sydney, London, Barcelona, Dublin, and Singapore.

With only the best travel apps in your pocket, you’ll be ready and set to jet! Wishing you happy and safe travels!

These are the best travel apps that you HAVE to try on your next trip!!
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