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9 Best Tips For Success In College

9 Best Tips For Success In College

Being successful in college is something everyone strives for. I’m here to help you live your best life and make the most out of your college experience. Here are the nine best tips for success in college. Let’s get started!

1. Study Hard

I know nobody actually enjoys studying, but it’s super important in order to get good grades and be successful. If it helps, make flashcards and study guides for each class. By using bright pens and highlighters for your notes, it will make it so much easier to go through later on.

And most importantly, don’t procrastinate studying until the night before an exam. Start a few weeks before and you will feel so much better. 


2. Get Enough Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep during college, your grades and overall well-being will suffer. Make sure you are getting eight to nine hours of sleep per night, and if this means going to bed an hour earlier, than by all means! Staying up all night cramming for a test or project will come back to bite you, so make sure you treat your body and mind right.

3. Manage Your Time

Managing your time is essential to getting on track and being successful in college. You need to make sure you are rationing your time between work and play. Try setting a timer to do homework or study for an hour or so and then take a 30-minute break here and there so you don’t go insane! This is so important because if your brain is overloaded you might crash later on. 


4. Take Notes

Taking notes during lectures or class can make or break you in college. Make sure to actively take notes on notebook paper, not your computer, because writing it down will help your brain recall information later on.

You can even use different colored pens and highlighters to make the important sections stand out. Always make sure to review your notes after class as well.


5. Reward Yourself

You can’t spend the entirety of college studying non-stop. Make sure to reward yourself with little treats like a pint of ice cream, a nice workout, watch your favorite movie, or take a bubble bath. You will be able to accomplish a lot more if you have something fun to look forward to after. You deserve it! 

6. Get A Planner

Investing in a nice planner is such a great way to stay up to date on deadlines and stay organized. Make sure you plan out your week/days and make note of big due dates or exams. Having everything out on paper will help you visualize your goals and make them happen! You go this, I believe in you all!

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7. Keep A Clean Workspace

If your desk space is always a disaster, how are you ever going to accomplish anything? I always make sure I’m working at a tidy desk space, and that the environment around me is neat as well. Otherwise, the clutter spills over into my headspace and less work gets done. So, take a moment to clean the clutter off your desk and organize your supplies where you can actually see them.


8. Find Study Buddies

Studying with friends is so much better than studying alone! Find a friend who you know will keep you accountable and motivated, without distracting you too much. You can quiz each other on topics you are struggling with and play games to memorize ideas that are super boring. Jazz it up a little, studying doesn’t have to be so miserable!

9. Do What You Love

I know people tell you to study whatever will make you the most money, or get you a stable career, but that isn’t always the best decision. Do what you love, do what makes you happiest and you will be glad you did. Chase after your dreams, no matter how crazy they seem. Don’t be afraid to fall down, because when you get back up, you will be stronger. 


That’s all I have for you guys! I hope you enjoyed these tips for success in college. Let us know in the comments which of these you are going to live by. Happy studying!

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