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Best Tips For Shaping Your Eyebrows

Best Tips For Shaping Your Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows can be an extremely tricky task especially when you have never done it before. The best way to shape eyebrows is by knowing what shape we imagine to be the best fit for our faces. Luckily there are several tools available that give us a way of almost professionally defining eyebrows. 

Most women do not shape their eyebrows because it is time-consuming or the work is tedious. All this is true but having the right shape of eyebrows can really make all the difference and emphasize your facial features. Eyebrows are supposed to help bring out the best qualities in your face. 

Here are some tips I have come up with over the year that I hope will help you shape your eyebrows in the best way possible.


Find a Starting Point, Arch, and Endpoint

Every eyebrow has a starting point, arch, and endpoint. Knowing the right way to shape eyebrows can really help with bringing out a more defined look to your face. It is important that you measure the proper distance between the starting point, arch and endpoint so that the eyebrows look professionally done. Keep in mind that your eyebrows can really benefit from a good arch because it will lift up your face.

Trimming Eyebrows

Trimming your eyebrows is the best way to get eyebrows hairs that are all the same length. This is very important because once all your eyebrow hairs are the same length your eyebrows will have a bolder look. You can trim eyebrow hairs that are uneven with a small pair of scissors. The best technique to use is brushing your eyebrow hairs upward and then trimming them the same length.


Shape Of Face

It is useful to know what shape of face you have so as to know what eyebrow shape works for you. When you have a round or long face you will need to have specific eyebrows to help bring out the best facial features that you have. You can look online or simply ask a friend what shape of face you have so that the right eyebrows just pop into your mind. Definitely look at a chart with all the shapes of faces so that you know what arch or angle of eyebrows works best. 

Pluck Upward

Plucking starts with knowing what speed or direction works best for you. The best way to pluck is upward because it will be less painful and you will have a better sense of how much hair you are plucking. Pluck using tweezers because you will have the freedom to pick how many hairs you want to pluck at a single time. Plucking takes times so I highly recommend going slowly! 

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Pick the Right Pigment 

Knowing the right pigment for your eyebrows with important so that it combines with your hair. You do not want to have red eyebrows with brown hair because it would look strange. Always try to find a color that best matches your hair color. Find color eyebrow pencils so that you can simple colors in the eyebrows by drawing them in.


Knowing the best tips for shaping your eyebrows is the first step towards looking fabulous. Having better eyebrows can definitely help with having a look that emphasizes your best facial features. Not knowing what ways can benefit your eyebrow shaping skills can be a problem. However, practice makes perfect and your eyebrows will be the best they have been in years.

Hope these tip will help you on your way to shaping your eyebrows so that you are the best possible version of yourself. Let us know how your eyebrow shaping goes!

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