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Best Tips For Box Dying Your Hair For The First Time

Want to color your hair but aren’t sure that you want to spend all your money at the salon? Try doing it at home! Buying a box dye can be a very good and easy alternative to getting your hair done professionally. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for box dying your hair for the first time.

First Try Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

There is nothing worse than dying your hair and it turning out different that you had planned. It is a safer route to try a semi-permanent color for your first time dying your hair on your own. This leaves you some room for error before trying anything too permeant.

Make Sure You Are Choosing the Right Shade

Don’t just go into the store and grab the first color that you like. First of all, the color on the model might not be the color that turns out on your hair, and secondly you need to pick a shade that matches you skin tone. If you have cooler undertones, you need to pick a “cooler” shade. Same thing if you have warmer undertones. An easy way to see what kind of undertones your skin has is to see if you look better in silver or gold jewelry. If you look better in silver, odds are your skin toner is cooler. And if you look better in gold, you’ve got warmer undertones.

Be Sure You Have the Necessary Tools

Obviously, you are going to need some box dye, that’s a given. Make sure you pick up some plastic gloves, you don’t want dye all over your hands causing them to stain. You are goint o want some petroleum jelly to rub along your hairline to prevent staining there as well. It’s important to have hairdresser clips to section your hair so that everything is dyed evenly. And lastly, make sure you have some sort of timer, your phone works for this, so you are leaving the dye on for the correct amount of time.

Buy Two Boxes of Dye

Better be safe than sorry. You’re in more of a pickle not having enough dye for all your hair compared to having an extra box of hair dye. You can always use that box next time you are dying your hair. If your hair is at least shoulder length, chances are you are going to need more than one box. The thickness of your hair can also affect how much dye you need, so keep that in mind.

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Switch to Color Treated Shampoo and Conditioner

It is important to use color treated shampoo and conditioner after dying your hair because it helps preserve the color that you just worked so hard on. This the the best tip for making your box dye last longer. You can find this kind of shampoo and conditioner anywhere, even in the drugstores. Just make sure to buy something that says, “for color” or “color vibrancy.”

Go to a Hair Salon if You Don’t Like the Results

The whole point of box dying your hair to avoid the pricy costs of going to the hair salon, but it is nice to know that if you do mess up your hair color, a professional can fix it. If you hate what you have just done, you might have to bite the bullet and get a professional’s help.

It can take some time getting comfortable dying your own hair, but once you have the perfect routine down, it can save a lot of time and money. These are the best tips to help you get better at dying you hair. Once you have developed the perfect technique you are going to wonder why anyone even goes to the hair salon! Just make sure that you are always following all the directions on the box because they are there for a reason.

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