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10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

Looking for a pregame drink? Here are 10 go-to options for drinking in college!

1. White Claws 

There ain’t no laws when you’r drinking claws! That’s definitely not true, but it’s a fun little saying to go along with this beloved college drink.

White Claws are a canned spiked seltzer drink that comes in a variety of flavors, including lime, mango, ruby grapefruit, raspberry, and the overall favorite, black cherry. White Claws are the most popular of the college beverages because of their low calories and fruity tastes. They are also lighter on the stomach then drinking beer, and that is why college kids are clearing the store shelves for every flavor of White Claw. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

2. Truly

Truly’s are another canned spiked seltzer drink. While they are the second choice to White Claws, they are still a popular option because of their larger variety of flavors.

The flavors are similar to White Claws and consist of wild berry, blueberry & acai, raspberry lime, black cherry, lemon, watermelon & kiwi, rosé, passionfruit, mango, and pineapple. 

Truly’s are made with simple ingredients and flavored with slight hints of fruits. They are 100 calories per can and are of a 5% alcohol content. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

3. Bud Light 

It’s the frat party drink of choice. It’s easy, cheap, and you can buy them by the cases. Bud light is an American Light Lager and is known as America’s favorite beer.

Bud Light is the classic go-to option for college guys everywhere. They can get a 30 rack of Bud Light for right around $25. This is cheaper than getting two packs of spiked seltzer, which only comes with 12 cans per pack. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

4. Corona

Corona is a great beer to get if you want something a little better than Bud Light, but still a cheaper option for beers. Also, the aesthetic of a Corona is better because you get to add the lime at the top of the bottle.

This also gives it a little extra of a fruity flavor, which is why girls tend to favor a Corona over a Bud Light. It is also a good drink to order at a bar because the flavor of the lime makes it a bit more enjoyable than any other beer, but it is cheaper than ordering a a mixed drink. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

5. Keystone 

Keystones are the cheapest option for college students everywhere. You can get a 36 rack of Keystones for $36.99. Economically, Keystones are the way to go if you want as much beer as possible for as little the cost. 

These are also the best beers to buy if your are planning a party with many drinking games. This way, you do not spend a large amount of money and waste it when it gets spilt all over the floor in a game of beer pong. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

6. Naturdays 

Natural Light’s summer themed beer, Naturday’s, are the beer for everyone. Since beer is usually the go-to for guys, this beer is one that also draws to girls. Because of it’s pink lemonade flavor and it’s pink and yellow casing, it’s inviting to the eye and enjoyable to drink. 

Naturday’s are also the perfect beer to buy for a Darty. It has that refreshing flavor that’s great for a sunny day full of drinking. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

7. Tequila Shots 

It’s the easiest way to get drunk fast with a minimal amount of alcohol. Buying a bottle of any preferred tequila is an easy way to get drunk fast, preserve alcohol, and intake minimal calories. 

Take a few tequila shots before heading out for the night and you will get just the buzz you are looking for with half the amount of the usual alcohol consumption it would take. 

Buying a bottle of tequila and just taking shots is also an easy way to save money on buying alcohol every weekend. You could use one bottle for a few weeks if you solely use it for taking shots. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

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8. Fireball Shots 

If you wanna take shots, but want them to have a bit more of an enjoyable flavor than tequila, try taking Fireball shots. This cinnamon flavored whiskey resembles the taste of a Red Hot candy and Big Red gum. 

Be careful with this type of alcohol though, because it goes down easily and comes back up even easier. Since it goes down so easily, people often take more shots than necessary and this can often lead to an excess amount of alcohol intake.

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

9. Four Loko

If you hate the taste of alcohol, drinking a Four Loko might be the best option for you. This alcoholic energy drink comes in multiple flavors including blue razz, sour grape, red, black, gold, sour apple, fruit punch, watermelon, etc. These various flavors resemble the taste of various Jolly Ranchers. 

Four Loko’s are extremely sweet and barely taste like alcohol, which is nice but often dangerous. Because they are so sugary, they can lead to a horrible hangover, so mix in a water. 

These drinks are a malt beverage that have various alcohol contents such as 6%, 10%, 12%, and 14%. They used to be made with caffeine, which was deemed dangerous after a while, and was extracted from the beverages. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

10. Smirnoff Vodka 

Smirnoff vodka is a great option if you want to make mixed drinks. It’s a cheap enough vodka and it comes in various flavors to add an extra pop of flavor to your mixed beverages. 

You can use the original flavor to make a mixed drink with any sort of juice, or you can buy a flavored Smirnoff vodka and take shpts with it. You could even buy various flavors and mix them all with some juice. 

Smirnoff vodka comes in the flavors green apple, orange, cranberry, raspberry, citrus, strawberry, black cherry, watermelon, lime, blueberry, white grape, melon, pomegranate, passion fruit, pear, peach, pineapple, coconut, and amaretto. They also have special flavors during different seasons such as the red, white, and berry flavor for the Fourth of July. 

10 Of The Best Things To Drink In College

Is there a certain type of alcohol that you like to buy and pregame with? Comment below and tell us what you like to drink!

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