The 10 Best Things To Do In Nashville If You’re Only There For A Weekend

If you're in Nashville for a weekend then it's important to know what types of things you can do! Here is our list of thing you can do in Nashville!

There are hundreds of activities to try while staying or visiting the crazy music city that is Nashville, Tennessee. Whether you are planning the ultimate girls weekend, a couple’s get away, or a celebration of some kinds (bachelorette, bachelor, or birthday party) Nashville will definitely leave you wanting to come back again some time and experience more of the fun.  But if you’re busy schedule only allows a weekend, here are the best 10 things to do in Nashville.

1. Ride A Mechanical Bull

An absolute must while in Nashville! Watch and laugh as your friends get tossed around the rodeo.  While most bars in the city don’t have mechanical bulls, the go-to spot for this activity is Wild Beaver Saloon.  Pay a small fee and sign a waver for an experience you’ll never forget.

the 10 best things to do in nashville if youre only there for a weekend

2. Sing Karaoke

Kill two birds with one stone at the Wild Beaver Saloon.  This little hole in the wall bar is also home to one of the most popular karaoke spots in the city. Be sure to put your name down as soon as you arrive and pick a song the crowd will love.  If you are impatient, jump the line with a big tip (usually 10-20 dollars).

the 10 best things to do in nashville if youre only there for a weekend

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3. Dance On The Bar At Coyote Ugly

Get ready to have the time of your life with your girlfriends.  Coyote ugly is known for it’s interactive staff and making you feel welcome and confident.  Everyone (except for men) are welcome to join staff members and dance their hearts out on the bar top.  This bar also has a great music selection and drink specials around happy hour.

the 10 best things to do in nashville if youre only there for a weekend

4. Watch A Live Band

Trust me, this task will not be too hard to accomplish.  There are bands and street performers at almost EVERY bar you will walk into during your stay in Nashville.  Each bar also has more than one level to it, with a new band on each one! While country is the main music selection, the bands do perform other genres from time to time during their sets.

5. Check Out Every Level Of Nudie’s Honky Tonk

This bar usually has a younger crowd and is always flooded with people and great music.  The drinks are a tad expensive, but it is worth is for the experience! Each band on every level will have you dancing and singing out loud.

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6. Visit The Country Music Hall Of Fame

This is a great activity to do if you are a die hard country music fan looking to experience the culture and history of Nashville.  It’s also a great day activity to do if you are visiting with family.

7. Have Brunch At Tavern

Hangover HEAVEN. Let’s face it, hangover never get easier, but while spending only a short amount of time in Nashville, try to shake it with the Tavern’s brunch menu, mimosa, and bloody mary’s.

the 10 best things to do in nashville if youre only there for a weekend

8. Dance The Night Away At FGL House

This is the perfect destination to end your night out in Nashville. This bar also has multiple levels including a roof top bar and a huge dance floor.  There’s more of a club feel to this level and great for dancing the night away.  Usually always a DJ playing great dance music.

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9. Shop For Cowboy Boots

A must while visiting! This is a fun day activity to engage in with your girlfriends.  There are many stores right on the main strip and most of them even offer deals when you buy a certain amount of pairs.

the 10 best things to do in nashville if youre only there for a weekend

10. Request Your Favorite Song

You won’t encounter a bar in Nashville that has a cover to enter.  Because of this, bands try to make their money by taking requests and tips.  They usually ask for a 20 dollar tip for them to play your song request.  A tad pricey, but worth it to hear your favorite song performed live by any of the amazing bands working.

Make your short time in Nashville last forever with this list of ten MUST try activities.  This lively city is always booming and exploding with fun, music, and dancing.  Time to dive right on in!
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