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Best Things To Do for Introverted and Extroverted People

Most of us have predetermined notions of whether we are introverts or extroverts. To break it down simply, extroverted people are those who thrive on the company of others. They need social interaction to survive. Extroverts don’t need to be secluded for long periods of time, if any time at all. They are happiest when surrounded by high-energy environments with lots of people. They tend to be outgoing and courageous and up for anything.

Introverts, as you can imagine, are the exact opposite. They refill their energy alone and often need time to do just that. Just because introverts are labeled introverts don’t mean that they are not outgoing or courageous; they just cannot maintain that same type of energy the way extroverts can. Introverts enjoy doing activities that aren’t predominantly related to people, or if it does involve people, the fewer, the better.

Another category of personality is an ambivert. This is the individual who doesn’t quite fit into either category because there always has to be that one, right. Ambiverts can be just as outspoken, loud, and energetic as a typical extrovert, but they have to be alone after large social gatherings. They can thrive in high-energy environments if they have had time before and after to regroup and draw their energy from a calm and quiet environment. Some believe this is the best type of personality because you get the best of both worlds.


The truth is, personalities change over time, and while one year you might be socializing all the time, going to every party and dinner out, the next year you might need more time alone than you ever did before. This is largely due to external factors that usually occur in people’s lives. Whichever way you identify more with, know that you are amazing the way you are and don’t change yourself to meet somebody else’s expectations. Let’s get started with those things to do for introverts because we know how much they love attention!

Things To Do For Introverts

There are tons of fun and exciting things to do for the average introverted person. Keeping the social settings to a minimum is usually preferred, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out for drinks or dinner. When choosing an area where you know an introvert will be joining you, keep the location low-key. Don’t take this poor introvert to a club. They will be out of there like a bat out of hell. Pick an environment that will not be loud and where people will be distanced from one another. A speakeasy is a great place to start. This allows the introvert to an environment that is more subdued and quieter. Additionally, it gives them an opportunity to focus on a deep conversation, something many of them enjoy.

If going out isn’t the idea or you’re feeling like an at-home event would be better, an introvert will be 100% on board. Reading, listening to music, playing video games, or watching a movie are all great options. Marathon Harry Potter or Marvel films. I guarantee you they will be on bored. Just because introverts prefer to be home or in a familiar space doesn’t mean they don’t like an adventure. Go for a hike, go rock climbing, race cars, do whatever you want, just limit the interactions with other people. Introverts are amazing people who will sit and listen to you no matter what. They are incredibly sensitive and intuitive and can pick up on things most extroverts can’t. They are in touch with their bodily needs, which can be quite admirable.

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Things To Do For Extroverts

Extroverts draw their energy from high-energy environments. If they are bored, let’s get dinner with friends, overwhelmed, a couple drinks won’t hurt, emotional…better take the weekend off and explore a new city. Extroverts thrive in new and exciting places. The best way to entertain an extrovert is to take them to a new place and explore. This doesn’t mean you need to travel to Europe on the weekend, not that an extrovert would turn that down, just try new things that perhaps you haven’t experienced before. Make it a bonus if you bring all their friends along. Anywhere people collect, an extrovert will be. Finding and experiencing new things will keep an extrovert happiest. Attending a dance class, going to the gym, girls’ brunch at that new place around the corner, spending time with family or friends, going swimming in a lake, experiencing concerts, and so on, are all activities an extrovert would enjoy. When an extrovert is feeling down, the best things to do usually involve going out.  Especially if their favorite people are around.

While trying new things and exploring the world, you might have noticed that an extrovert is happiest when things move along at a brisk pace. Don’t slow down unless you absolutely have to, or an extrovert will likely get bored. Move things along, meet new, people and if you are scared, here is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone.
We mentioned earlier the existence of ambiverts. Essentially, you could combine all the previous things listed, which would make up an ambivert. Participating in a chill activity at home or going to a rager. It doesn’t really matter to an ambivert as long as they have had some time to breathe and be alone at some point throughout the day. Everybody fluctuates between the need for being alone and wanting to spend time with people.

Listen To Your Body

The most important thing is to take time for yourself and listen to what your body needs at any given moment. If you feel the need to stay in and watch a movie, do that! Don’t let anything get in your way if you want to go out with your besties. Many people think extroverts are better than introverts because they are social butterflies. But like everything in life, there is a balance. Finding a good balance can be hard, but you will likely be better off for it in the long run.

What are some things to do as an Introvert or Extrovert that you enjoy?
Kaylee Dellert

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