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20 Best Teen TV Shows Of All Time

20 Best Teen TV Shows Of All Time

Being a teenager is a difficult time of life and a lot of shows are there to help make things better. Here are the 20 best teen tv shows that just get it.
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We all know how weird it is to be a teenager, and so do TV producers! That’s why there are about a gazillion shows, new and old, all centered around the topsy-turvy teen turmoil you might experience every day. Here are the 20 best teen tv shows of ALL time.

20 best teen tv shows of ALL time.

1. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill brings ALL THE DRAMA. While Nathan’s basketball career, Brooke’s clothing line, and Peyton’s record label may not be things the average group of young adults deal with on the day-to-day, One Tree Hill is a roller coaster of sex, sports and relationships through high school and college that anyone who’s ever been young can relate to.


2. Gossip Girl

The lives of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen on the Upper East Side of New York are glamourous. However, the glamour could be destroyed with Gossip Girl’s next text blast. XOXO.

3. Glee

McKinley High’s show choir, deemed the “Glee Club,” is truly an island of misfit toys. Everyone from sexually-confused teens to pregnant teens, football players to kids in wheelchairs, the rich kids to the poor kids, are welcome here.

4. Dear White People

Although the setting of Dear White People is a college campus, they are young adults. The controversial issues of racism and prejudice brought to light by Sam White are relevant to viewers of all ages.


5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy is just like any other teenage girl; she’s a cheerleader, she struggles with boys sometimes, she likes to hang out with her friendsh, and she’s a vampire slayer who holds the fate of not only her town but the whole mortal world in her pink-polished hands. So yeah, just like any other teenage girl.

6. 13 Reasons Why

Here are 13 reasons why you should watch 13 Reasons Why:

  1. It’s only 13 episodes. You really have no excuse.
  2. Falling in love with Clay Jensen is inevitable.
  3. You have to admit you want to know what’s coming on the next tape. At least a little bit.
  4. It’s a book too!
  5. It’s about more than just suicide…
  6. The show explores the reality of depression.
  7. A LOT of rumors.
  8. Friendships you can relate to.
  9. It shows financial hardship.
  10. Dealing with self-harm.
  11. It’s about the importance of inner beauty.
  12. It’s about rape.
  13. Knowledge is power. Learning the warning signs could save a life.

7. Freaks And Geeks

Lindsay Weir is tired of being boring, tired of following the rules and tired of being a math-lete. So Lindsay makes some of the “wrong” friends and she throws a party. Watch her journey from geek to freak in this late-90’s comedy.


8. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

Amy made one mistake, just one! And now she’s a mother, her parents are separated, and she’s torn between her baby-daddy and the boy she loves. Amy is just confused, a feeling any teenager can relate to.

9. Vampire Diaries

A sort of modern version of Buffy, Vampire Diaries is just a story about a guy and a girl that fell in love. Except that the boy is a vampire who has been seventeen for a long time and they’re actually fated to be with each other. Also, they almost die a few times. So yeah, just a love story.

10. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson’s Creek is a classic story of friends becoming more than friends. Dawson Leery and Joey Potter have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Until something changes and Dawson begins to see Katie as a little more than a friend. Follow four friends from Capeside, Massachusetts as they brave the waves of love, friendship, and high school.


11. 90210 (2008)

90210 is the facelift to the original 90’s drama Beverly Hills, 90210. The show follows several privileged high school students in Beverly Hills, California. Take a trip to the glamourous city of Beverly Hills and all the drama that entails with 90210.

12.  Pretty Little Liars

Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hannah’s best friend is dead…they think. But now they’re getting mysterious messages from “A” and their friend’s name is Alison. In these girls’ lives, no one is who they seem.

13. Atypical

Sam Gardner is an 18-year-old boy with autism who has a few nervous ticks and wants a girlfriend. Sam Gardner is  an 18-year-old boy just like any other you’ve ever met. Normal is overrated, but he isn’t.


14. Riverdale

The town of Riverdale was just an average suburb until star football player and beloved friend, son, and brother, Jason Blossom, was murdered. Based off of the “Archie Comics,” Riverdale is murder-mystery bound to have you clicking next episode before 20 seconds are up.

15. Gilmore Girls

Rory has tons of homework from her fancy prep school, issues with her boyfriend and her other “guy friend,” and she’s just trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of her. And that’s a lot. Good thing she has the coolest mom to help her through it.

16. Make It Or Break It

It’s hard to balance sports, school, friendships and relationships without losing your sanity! Payson, Lauren, Emily, and Kaylie know this first hand as they chase their dreams of being Olympic gymnasts and struggle to maintain a slight bit of normalcy in their lives. Will they make it?

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17. That 70’s Show

The only glamourous part of this show is Michael Kelso’s, played by Ashton Kutcher, long 70’s-esque locks. While the suburb of “Point Place,” Wisconsin is not real, the awkward dates, run-ins with parents, and portrayal of teenage life is almost as authentic as reality.

18. Friday Night Lights

In Texas, high school football is everything, and that speaks for the small town of Dillon, TX as well. Friday Night Lights circulates around football, relationships, cheerleaders, and beer. Would it be really be Texas if it were anything different?



19. Skins

Skins is a British teen drama following a group of teenagers through many controversial topics such as sexuality, substance abuse, mental illness, and dysfunctional families. Each episode focuses on one character’s life struggles.



20. Saved By The Bell

Zack is one of those kids; the ones that teachers wish they didn’t love, but they really do. This comedy follows Zack and his cronies through middle and high school as they learn and grow together with the help of their teacher, Miss Bliss.


Do you have any other shows that should be on the best teen tv shows list!? Share in the comments below!

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